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Warzone’s Worst Cheater Can’t Even Win With an Aimbot

A new video exposes an aimbotting cheater in Warzone, but they can't even win with the help of their hacks.

Cheating and aimbotting have been a huge problem for the Call of Duty community. Warzone especially has a brutal culture of cheating.

It's been an immense bother for fans, as Call of Duty's leagues of developers simply aren't doing enough to patch these exploits to ensure the game remains fair.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone

Even Black Ops Cold War, as new a game as it is, can't escape the plague of hackers. Some Cold War players are openly bragging about hacking, and some gamers are being instantly teleported across maps.

While some hacking techniques might be complex, that certainly doesn't mean that the people using them are any good. And if this new clip proves anything, the case is the exact opposite.

Terrible Warzone Hacker Can't Even Win With Aimbot

In a new video posted to both Reddit and YouTube, Warzone player Zimrh decided to spectate a player he suspected to be hacking after they killed him. He's right to be suspicious, as he finds the player to be using an aimbot in order to give him an in-game edge.

While recouping at a supply drop, Zimrh is killed by a sweeping headshot with an assault rifle. The killcam that follows shows the shooter to be incredibly far away, too.

It seemed too far away to nail a headshot with an assault rifle and given how quickly the player aimed down his sight to fire, it seemed too good a play to be fair.

The video sees the hacker killing players with ease for the rest of the game, pulling off headshots that simply couldn't be performed by players without extra assistance. But, as the video unravels, the player clearly isn't as good as his bot.

Call of Duty: Warzone

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One moment of the video shows the cheater almost killing themself with an overcooked grenade. The hacker is paying too much attention to the enemy player.

So much so, that they almost forget to throw the frag, and it nearly goes off in their hand.

The best moment of the video, though, comes right at the climax of the game. The hacker is too overconfident as the last remaining player comes over a hill.

They slide down a little further and change weapons, giving their adversary a chance to claim the first shot.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone

After this, even with the Warzone aimbot, the cheater somehow completely misses the first sniper shot. The other player fires with their assault rifle and the game is over. The aimbotter loses.

Zimrh's video

Another cheater gets their comeuppance, but this video is particularly poignant. It's a case that proves that even if you cheat, it won't change that you're not good at the game.

It's wonderful to see hackers and cheaters fail despite their covert techniques. Just like this other clip, of a Warzone player utterly decimating a team of aimbotters.

The game certainly needs more bugs patched out soon, though. There's a hilarious glitch that makes players shuffle in the sky, and Warzone games are being ruined by an invisible circle glitch.

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