A new trick is letting Warzone fans into lobbies that are almost entirely filled with AFK players, allowing them to rack up kills or farm easy wins.

Going AFK (away from keyboard) is a popular term in gaming that, essentially, means you’re not actually playing the game.

Maybe you’ve put down the controller and not realized you’re still queuing into a match, or maybe you’re busy doing something else for a moment. We’ve all been unintentionally responsible for going AFK at one point or another, but now there’s a way to get into entire lobbies of AFK players in Warzone.

How to Get Into AFK Lobbies in Warzone

To get into a Warzone lobby full of AFK players, all you have to do is load into a game and do absolutely nothing.

Put the controller or mouse down and simply wait until the match is completely over, when Warzone will queue you into a new game automatically. This match then has a high chance of being an AFK lobby!

AFK Warzone Players
Credit: TheTacticalBrit

Although this won’t work flawlessly every time, here’s the method you need to follow to find an AFK Warzone lobby with ease:

  • Load into a game of Warzone Battle Royale (Not Resurgence)
  • Put down your controller without making any inputs. If you’re on PC, do not touch the mouse and keyboard at all, even to tab out
  • Watch yourself be eliminated from the game
  • Then, watch the entire match play out until it comes to an end
End of Game Screen in Warzone, with Play Again Countdown
Once a game has ended, Warzone will automatically start a countdown before placing you into the next match.
  • You will then automatically be placed into the queue to play again, with a high chance at finding an AFK lobby
  • You’ll see the majority of players remain in the plane until they get kicked out at the end. Drop with them and you’ll have dozens of AFK players to farm!

If the method doesn’t work and you see you’re in a regular lobby, the best thing you can do is not to touch your controller and wait out another game.

It seems that Call of Duty looks to group AFK players together wherever possible, which is why these AFK lobbies are even possible.

Why Do You Want to Play in AFK Lobbies?

There could be several reasons why you may want to find an AFK lobby in Warzone, such as:

  • It’s easy to farm specific kills (i.e. point blank, or longshot kills for weapon camos & unlocks)
  • You’ll be able to easily pull off Finishing Moves
  • You can rack up dozens of easy kills to help break your personal best

Ultimately, getting into AFK lobbies isn’t really worth the hassle, but it’s interesting that it’s possible. Most likely, Activision is simply aiming to ensure that AFK users don’t litter other games too heavily, while still being able to report that it has X amount of players in-game to investors.

Thanks to TheTacticalBrit for showing off how this method works in Warzone. You can check out his full video below:

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