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Warzone Players Are Accidentally Buying RC-XD Instead of Loadout Drop

Warzone players visiting a Buy Station after the update are in for an annoying RC-XD surprise!

The RC-XD is finally available to purchase in Verdansk. While it’s not the most powerful killstreak of them all, it is certainly fun to use.

However, the little remote-controlled car has now become a target of hate for many Warzone players because it is causing them to waste their money.

Also, make sure to check out the full Warzone Season 2 Reloaded patch notes here.

Warzone Loadout Drop (1)

RC-XD at The Bottom Of Warzone Buy Station Menu

The Season 2 update brought some powerful items to hidden new Buy Stations in Verdansk, alongside the new RC-XD killstreak. However, the RC-XD is annoying Warzone players for a pretty hilarious reason.

The reason why so many Warzone fans are annoyed with the RC-XD being added to Buy Stations in Warzone is not because of its price or that it can’t go up stairs (seriously, it can’t drive up stairs). It is because of its position in the Buy Station menu.

This is just one of the reasons why Warzone fans think that the Season 2 Reloaded update is the worst patch yet.

Warzone Buy Station

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It’s always risky going to a Buy Station so players always select what they want very quickly. It is muscle memory for many players to buy the bottom item on a Buy Station, as that is where the Loadout Drop Marker used to be.

However, the $3000 RC-XD is now at the bottom of the Warzone Buy Station menu, even if the rest is in price order. This is making players who are rushing to buy a Loadout Drop Marker get an RC-XD by accident!

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Warzone players also want Raven to remove another Buy Station item from the game entirely because it is way too powerful.

Hopefully, Raven Software will issue a hotfix to this RC-XD issue soon. Warzone players are already getting very tired of accidentally spending their hard-earned cash on an item they don’t want.

Immacu1ate Reddit

Meanwhile, a leaker has revealed new details about the upcoming nuke event in Warzone. Verdansk doesn’t stand a chance!

Also, the RC-XD is nowhere near as powerful as one of the other new killstreaks in Warzone. Find out how to get the overpowered Bombardment killstreak here.

Finally, Warzone players have spotted mysterious missiles flying overhead. What could they mean?

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