Raven Software has finally begun investigating the bug that stops Warzone 2’s Voice Chat from working. Players have been experiencing issues with both the in-game proximity chat and team voice channels since the release of the Battle Royale in November 2022.

If you’ve been unable to hear teammates (or communicate with them yourself) you’re not alone.

Since the launch of Warzone 2.0, many fans have expressed their frustration with the feature, which seems to either work inconsistently or not at all.

Of course, it’s always possible that you’ve accidentally turned Voice Chat off by tweaking these settings, but for many gamers, there’s seemingly no reason for their communications issues.

Now, Raven Software is letting Warzone 2 players know that help is, at last, on the way.

“We’re investigating an issue where some Players are unable to use Voice Chat,” a new tweet by the developer reads.

The claim is echoed on the Warzone 2 Trello Board, where all ongoing issues, upcoming fixes, and playlist updates are featured.

Warzone 2 Voice Chat Not Working Fix

Right now, details of an upcoming fix to Warzone 2’s Voice Chat issues are unknown. Hopefully, with Raven Software now aware of the issue, it won’t be too long until a fix arrives.

On the other hand, some bugs have been listed on the Trello Board since November 16, with no fix in sight.

If you’re experiencing issues on PlayStation or Xbox, don’t forget that you can now use Discord to talk to your friends with ease!

How to Fix Voice Chat Not Working in Warzone 2

Right now there is no official fix to the Voice Chat not working bug in Warzone 2, however, these solutions are well worth a try:

  • Open Warzone 2’s Settings and head to Audio, then make sure Voice Chat is enabled, alongside Proximity Chat. Your friends and teammates must also have this enabled to communicate with you.
  • Make sure the Voice Chat Device setting below is set to the microphone you wish to use.
  • If Voice Chat Recording Mode is set to Push to Talk, make sure you’re pressing the correct hotkey when you’re attempting to communicate in-game.
  • Ensure Voice Chat volume is set to 90-100.
warzone 2 voice chat settings
  • Use the Microphone Test setting to check that your microphone is functioning properly. If not, you may want to consider updating your device drivers, unplugging and replugging the device, or using a new microphone.
  • Finally, make sure your Microphone Device is set to the correct microphone, and ensure Microphone Volume is set to 100.
  • Those on PC may also want to check that their Microphone is set to the default device by opening their Windows Settings, heading to Sound, and checking the Input category to ensure the device is selected.

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