Loadout Drops are back in Buy Stations in Warzone 2, but they aren’t quite as good as they used to be…

Warzone 2’s decision to remove Loadout Drop Markers from Buy Stations was a very controversial one.

While players could still get their custom weapons in a number of other ways, it often took a lot longer or left players without Perks. Therefore, many players were upset by this change.

However, a Loadout Drop Grenade has now been added to Al Mazrah’s Buy Stations, so players can once again purchase a full custom class rather than just weapons.

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Loadout Drops Are Now Available to Buy in Warzone 2

On December 20, 2022, Warzone 2 developer Raven Software added the Loadout Drop Grenade to Buy Stations in Al Mazrah.

Buying one of these and throwing it down on the ground calls in a Loadout Drop. These let your whole squad claim a full custom class, like how it used to work in the original Warzone.

However, the new Loadout Drop Grenades cost much more than they used to in Warzone 1, in most game modes, at least!

Therefore, you’ll still want to make sure you know every way to get custom loadout weapons in Warzone 2 in case you can’t afford Loadout Drop Grenades.

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How Much Do Loadout Drop Grenades Cost?

Loadout Drop Grenades cost a different amount at Buy Stations in Warzone 2, depending on what game mode you are playing. The larger the squad size, the more expensive the Loadout Drop Grenades are.

This is how much Loadout Drop Grenades cost in each game mode:

  • Solos – $8,000
  • Duos – $16,000
  • Trios – $24,000
  • Quads – $32,000

This seems extremely expensive, so most players will opt to buy their custom weapons from Buy Stations instead. After all, you can now get two custom weapons for just $5000 after the recent price reduction!

For some perspective, in the previous installment of Warzone, Loadout Drop Grenades were referred to as Loadout Drop Markers and were priced at $10,000 in every game mode.

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Are Loadout Drops Coming Back to Buy Stations Permanently?

Even if players can currently purchase Loadout Drop Grenades from Buy Stations across Al Mazrah, they may not be back permanently.

Raven Software has said that it is listening to player feedback on this change and the continuity of it depends on what players think as well as how it affects the overall Battle Royale experience.

Therefore, this item could once again be removed from Buy Stations in the near future. Alternatively, Raven could tweak the expensive cost of Loadout Drop Grenades in an upcoming update.

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