Fans can now play a brand-new Battle Royale mode in Warzone 2 called Unhinged Trios – here’s everything we know.

Alongside the DMZ mode, Warzone 2 has also introduced a unique Battle Royale mode that looks set to shake things up by allowing players to team up with five other people.

What Is the Unhinged Battle Royale Trios Mode in Warzone 2?

The Unhinged Trios mode is a brand-new battle royale mode unique to Warzone 2. Players drop in teams of three but can increase their team to six members through the Assimilate feature. The mode features 150 players and takes place on the Al Mazrah map.

It essentially makes each match far more chaotic and larger in scale, as bigger teams will be hunting one another down so long as they can cooperate first.

However, you will need to know how to assimilate in Warzone 2 to be able to make the most of this mode. Agreeing to recruit other members is the point of this mode and is what makes it so much fun.

The Unhinged Trios mode in Warzone 2

How to Play Unhinged Trios in Warzone 2

You can play Unhinged Trios by selecting the Unhinged BR Trios mode through the Warzone 2 main menu.

Once in, either drop in with some friends or use Squad Fill to be partnered up with random players. From there, just drop to your favorite location and unleash mayhem onto Al Mazrah.

If you’re not sure how to turn Squad Fill on in Warzone 2, then you should check out our detailed guide. It’s also helpful if you want to play solo, as you can do so by turning Squad Fill off.

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