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Warzone 2 TTK Divides Fan Opinions as Season 3 Draws Near

Too fast? Just right? What is the real issue with TTK in Warzone 2?

With Warzone 2 Season 3 drawing near, players have started heated debates regarding the TTK (Time to Kill) and how it affects the overall enjoyment of the battle royale.

TTK is one of the most discussed topics in Warzone. It affects how a lot of players approach the battle royale.

The TTK in Warzone 2 has once again become the topic of heated discussion due to players who wish to see longer TTK and those that want to keep it the same.

This discussion and other factors led to the player counts in Warzone 2 decreasing significantly compared to the numbers it reached when it launched.

Warzone 2 Players Have Divisive Opinions About TTK

A strong part of the community believes the TTK is one of the main reasons for this drop in interest from the players.

Those players argue that the TTK in Warzone 2 feels too similar to the multiplayer aspect of Modern Warfare 2.

There isn’t enough time to seek cover when a player finds you because the TTK is so fast.

It’s not all ranges that worry players. The mid to close-range TTK is what truly upsets players. Some players even note that before Warzone 2 came out, Caldera adopted an increase of 50 health to its battle royales.

Plenty of players believe the TTK in Warzone 2 is fine as it is and actually helps to increase the viability of weapons. These players argue that a faster TTK is better for the more casual part of the community.

Raven Software also commented that changing the TTK would negatively impact the predominantly casual player base.

But there are a few approaches that Warzone 2 could take that would satisfy the entire player base. Some players noted that if Raven Software introduced an Iron Trials playlist, it would benefit the entire community.

Iron Trials was a playlist in the original Warzone that increased the player’s health from 100 to 250.

To understand the current discussion on TTK, it’s worth noting the meta weapons that players are using. These guns are focused on optimizing the TTK as much as possible to help players earn high kill counts.

Is TTK the Real Issue?

If you search any thread on TTK on Reddit, you’ll find comments saying that the real issue isn’t the TTK but the tick rate issues that have plagued Warzone 2 since its release.

Reddit user AuGZA did a great job explaining the Tick Rate and how it affects players in Warzone 2.

They explain that in Warzone 1, the tick rate was very low but stable. This is why the TTK seemed more consistent.

In Warzone 2, the tick rate is volatile and all over the place. This is why sometimes it feels like your plates are broken before you even realize you were shot at.

Many players feel that if Infinity Ward fixed the tick rate situation, we’d start seeing a more consistent view of the TTK.

But it seems several content creators have teased TTK changes coming with Warzone 2 Season 3 on April 12.

Players will have a chance to see if the issue is really TTK or if Infinity Ward needs to start doing something about the tick rates.

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