Players can claim gifts in the Warzone 2 store to celebrate Warzone’s Third Anniversary. These gifts can range from weapon blueprints to calling cards and more.

Here is how you can claim your daily gift from the Warzone 2 store:

  • Boot up Warzone 2.
  • Skip the message of the day.
  • Use R1/RB to navigate to the Store tab. Use your mouse on your PC.
  • In the store, navigate down to the Trending section.
  • Locate the “Anniversary Gift” bundle. It should be located at the top of Trending.
  • Press on PlayStation and X on Xbox to claim the bundle. PC players can hit claim.
  • Confirm the purchase, and you will receive your daily gift.

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Warzone Anniversary Gifts

If you hope for some tracer bullets as a reward, you will likely be disappointed. However, you can check out these ways to get colorful bullets in Warzone 2 & MW2.

Every Warzone Third Anniversary Reward

Seven gifts will be available for players to collect across this anniversary event, meaning you will need to log in on specific dates to claim all of them.

Here are all the rewards and the dates they will be eligible to redeem:

  1. Peak – Calling Card – March 15 – March 19
  2. Verdansk 2020 – Emblem – March 19 – March 23
  3. Remember – Sticker – March 23 – March 27
  4. Memory Maker – Weapon Blueprint – March 27 – March 31
  5. Gulag – Calling Card – March 31 – April 4
  6. Verdansk ’84 – Vinyl – April 4 – April 8
  7. Birthday – Charm – April 8 – April 12

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