In the Warzone 2 pre-game lobby you may notice a bunch of players typing in the text chat but how can you join the conversation?

Warzone 2 has introduced new ways to communicate including proximity chat, but if you don’t own a functioning microphone text chat can be an alternative way to talk to your team.

This new chat feature will also let you talk to the whole Warzone 2 lobby as well!

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How To Turn Text Chat on & off in Warzone 2

To toggle text chat on and off in Warzone 2 here is what you will need to do:

  • In Warzone 2, open the settings menu using the Options/Menu button and then use R1/RB to get to the gear icon – on PC you can click this icon with your mouse
  • Scroll down and select Account & Network
  • Find the Content Filters section and toggle the Text Chat slider to On/Off depending on what you want
Warzone 2 text chat setting

If you turn text chat on, you can now type, receive and interact with messages through this chat.

The Call of Duty community can be pretty toxic, so offensive messages can appear in-game. If these messages can upset you, we recommend turning them off so you can have a better experience playing Warzone 2!

How To Use Text Chat in Warzone 2

Once you have turned the option on, to use text chat in Warzone 2 this is what you will need to do:

  • When in-game, press the Options/Menu button and then use R1/RB to get to the headset icon – on PC you can click this icon with your mouse
  • Press X/A/Left Mouse on Squad in Game Channels
Where to find Warzone 2 text chat
  • Press R1/RB once to get to the message icon – click this if on PC
  • Press X/A/Left Mouse on the text box at the bottom to enter the text
  • Press the right stick on the controller or G on PC to switch between Match chat and Team Chat
Warzone 2 text chat

If you want to talk to just your squad, you will need to select the Team option in the text chat. However, if you want to interact with everyone in the lobby, select the Match option.

How To Use Text Chat in Warzone 2 on PC

Although the method above will work on PC as well, using text chat on a PC can be even easier using this method. Simply press the Enter button to bring the chat box up and use the Tab button to switch between channels.

Once you bring the chat box up, you will be able to freely type to your team or the whole lobby.

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