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New Warzone 2 Survey Hints at Possible Return to Verdansk

Call of Duty is sending out surveys to random users asking about what they’d like to see in future maps for Warzone 2.

If one thing makes or breaks a multiplayer game, it’s the community. This is why Call of Duty decided to test the waters of a future map by surveying random players from its community.

The survey revealed that a remaster of old maps may not be out of the question. Here is everything we know.

Warzone 2 Survey Reveals Return to Verdansk Isn’t Out of the Question

Call of Duty released a survey asking players, “Which of the following maps would you prefer for the next Warzone big map?” The survey consisted of five different responses that included:

  • A brand new map.
  • Return of the Verdansk ’84 map from 2021.
  • Return of the original Verdansk from 2020.
  • Return of the Caldera map from 2021.
  • A revival of the Blackout map from Black Ops 4.
Warzone Survey
Survey being sent out to Call of Duty players.

This is huge news because it confirms that returning to Verdansk isn’t out of the question for Infinity Ward. An interesting part of this survey is that Blackout was included.

Blackout was the original battle royale map that Call of Duty introduced with Black Ops 4. The inventory functioned similarly to Warzone 2, laying the groundwork for what we would know as Warzone.

The map was popular due to its inclusion of some memorable Call of Duty landmarks. It was much better received than the likes of Caldera and Verdnask ’84 2021.

The most popular choice from the survey seems to be Verdansk 2020. Players were already commenting that they’d prefer a Verdansk revival over Al Mazrah.

If this survey proves anything, it’s that Infinity Ward is listening to the community. After a rocky Season 1, Warzone 2 is coming into Season 2 with many changes the community had heavily requested.

This shows that Infinity Ward is listening. So it’s likely that they’ll take the results of this survey seriously. We could very well see an old map revived in Warzone 2.

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