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How to Check Your KD in Warzone 2

Being able to check your stats is a great way to see your level of skill, but can you check your stats in Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 sees players battle it out on the large-scale Al Mazrah map against 149 other operators. It is a competitive game so it is only natural that people will want to know how well they are competing.

A new way to check your K/D is now out and here is how to do it!

How to Find Your K/D in Warzone 2

There are two different methods to find your K/D in Warzone 2. One for if you haven’t played MW2 Multiplayer and another if you have!

If you haven’t played Multiplayer, to find your K/D in Warzone 2 here is what you will need to do:

  • On the main menu of Warzone 2, head to the Weapons tab using R1/RB/Mouse
  • Edit any loadout and head to Gunsmith → Customize
  • Open up Gun Screen and hover over “Endless Black”
    • You will unlock this in the free Warzone 2 and MW2 Battle Pass in sector A5
  • Wait until the screen goes blue and it will showcase your kills and deaths
  • Divide your kills by your deaths and this will be your K/D
Warzone 2 Stats on Endless Black

However, if you have already played Multiplayer, you will need to do some extra math to work this out! This is because the Endless Black Gun Screen tracks stats from both Warzone 2 and Multiplayer.

If this is the case for you, here is what you need to do:

  • Follow the first four steps from above, this time noting down the numbers that pop up on the Gun Screen
  • Now on the Main Menu, press the Options button on PlayStation / Menu button on Xbox / ESC on PC
  • Click on the Stats tab
  • From here, click on Multiplayer, and on the left-hand side you will see the total kills and deaths numbers under your K/D ratio
  • Note down the totals and using a calculator subtract your Multiplayer totals away from the totals on the Gun Screen
  • You should have two numbers, one from the kills and one from the deaths
  • Divide the kills by the deaths and you will have your Warzone 2 K/D

The Endless Black Gun Screen doesn’t show the full totals as it rounds to the nearest hundred so this won’t be your exact K/D.

However, the number you get will be pretty close!

Can You Check Your Other Stats in Warzone 2?

As of now, there is no way to check your full stats in Warzone 2. Currently, the only stats that track are your statistics from MW2 multiplayer.

When stats do come out, you will be able to see your wins, K/D, and your best weapons.

Checking stats will be important as your stats will give you a rough idea of what skill-based match-making bracket you are in.

Soldiers getting ready to jump into Warzone 2 map

When is Combat Record Coming to Warzone 2?

Unfortunately, there is no time period for when Infinity Ward add the Combat Record to Warzone 2. However, expect it to arrive in a future Warzone 2 update.

The most likely option is that Infinity Ward will implement Warzone 2 stats during Season 1 Reloaded on December 14th or in Season 2.

This is a likely outcome since the Multiplayer stats were added in the MW2 Season 1 update, just a few weeks after launch.

How to Check Warzone 2 Stats

When Warzone 2 stats have been released, players will be able to check their stats and KD by:

  • On the Main Menu, press the Options button on PlayStation / Menu button on Xbox / ESC on PC
  • Click on the Stats tab
  • From here, you will have two options: Multiplayer or Warzone, click on Warzone
  • Here you will see your stats.
Warzone 2 Stats Tab
When the Combat Record for Warzone 2 is released, it should be viewed in a tab next to Multiplayer

Of course, this will only work once the stats option for the battle royale game has been released.

Are My Warzone 2 Stats Already Tracking?

Yes. Although Warzone 2 stats are not available yet, it is likely that your stats, including how many wins, kills, and deaths you have, are already tracking. This will be included in your stats as soon as they become available.

In Modern Warfare 2, Multiplayer stats from before the Combat Record was released were still included.

This is worth bearing in mind the next time you drop into Al Mazrah.

Is Warzone 2 Resetting Stats From Warzone 1?

Yes, all progress from the original Warzone has been reset in Warzone 2.

This means that all of your stats from Warzone 1 will not carry over to Warzone 2 when the Combat Record is released. You can start from a completely clean slate.

Warzone Legacy players have until November 30th to check their lifetime Warzone stats.

When the combat record is available, make sure your K/D is as high as possible by using the best meta weapons.

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