If you’re experiencing slow download speeds for Warzone 2, here are a few possible fixes and an explanation for why you may be experiencing them.

Warzone 2 has a large download that players must get through before dropping into Al Mazrah. If you owned MW2 already, you might’ve seen this as a smaller update.

For those that still need to download Warzone 2 and are experiencing issues, we have a few solutions you can try out!

Warzone 2 Slow Download Fixes

If you are experiencing slow Warzone 2 download speeds, then chances are you need to troubleshoot your home network to find out why performance is low.

Before you troubleshoot your internet, you’ll need to run a speed test to see if it’s a platform issue or if your home network is generally running slow. Here is how:

  • Head to Speedtest.net to start a test.
  • Press the button in the middle, “Go.” This will initiate the speed test.
  • You’ll see a speedometer going up and down. This gauges what your internet download and upload speeds are.
  • Wait for the test to finish and check the “Download” speed.

You’ll see two figures. One for Download and one for Upload. You only need to know the Download speed. Upload is irrelevant in this scenario.

If you have anything below 50 Mbps, then that may be the reason you are experiencing slow speeds. You can try to improve your internet connection in any of the following ways:

  • Reset your router.
    • This can be done by unplugging your router for 15-30 seconds.
    • Once those 15-30 seconds have passed, plug your router back in and let your network come back online.
    • Reconnect your console or PC to the internet and wait for your download to continue.
  • Disconnect multiple devices from the router.
    • Having multiple devices connected will slow down your internet speeds.
    • If anyone in your home network is using a streaming service, this will slow down your download speeds.
  • Restart your platform.
    • Sometimes you need to turn off your console or PC completely and give it a reset before your download speeds can improve.
  • Make sure that you have all your applications closed.
    • Sometimes having a video game with online connectivity open in the background will slow down your download speeds.
      • Close any open video games and applications that use your home network.
  • Connect your platform via ethernet.
    • Using an ethernet cable will boost your connection speed immediately, WiFi is somewhat unreliable and will be slower than ethernet.

If your download speeds are still well below 50 Mbps after following these steps, then you may need to contact your internet service provider to see if they can help boost your network in any way.

Once you manage to download Warzone 2, there may be other issues that show up. Here are a few other solutions to help you in case that happens:

PC Battlenet Warzone 2 Speed Issues

Some players have reported that Warzone 2 downloads are incredibly slow on battle.net. Although, when downloaded on Steam, speeds seem to be normal.

Here are what a few players had to say:

This could be an issue with the battle.net servers, but it seems that the best way to speed up downloads on PC is to download Warzone 2 from Steam.

Thankfully, you don’t need MW2 to play Warzone 2. So you aren’t tied to one specific launcher. Although, there are benefits to owning both MW2 and Warzone 2.