Skill-based matchmaking is always a hot topic in the Call of Duty community but is the feature in Warzone 2?

Many in the COD community are split on whether SBMM should be in Call of Duty or Warzone. There are many pros and cons to having SBMM but whether you are for or against Skill-based matchmaking, you will want to know if it’s in Warzone 2!

Is SBMM in Warzone 2?

There has not been any confirmation but the likely answer is yes. Skill-based matchmaking is turned on in MW2 multiplayer and was turned on in the original Warzone.

It is unlikely that Infinity Ward or Activision would make such a big change without informing the community.

What is Skill-Based Matchmaking?

Skill-based matchmaking is a feature that puts players of similar skill levels in the same lobby. This is to ensure that higher-skilled players do not dominate lobbies.

It also helps video game developers to keep casual players playing for longer!

Highly skilled players can easily dominate lobbies when against lower-skilled enemies. SBMM makes it so this does not happen often.

If casual players are constantly dying and losing, they will not have a fun experience and will not want to play for long.

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How is SBMM Calculated in Warzone 2?

No confirmation on how Warzone 2 calculates SBMM has been provided. However, it is widely presumed throughout the COD community that K/D is a major factor.

A Reddit post from 2020 conducted research on SBMM in Warzone and it is believed this same matchmaking system is still in place. They came to the same conclusion that K/D was

The Reddit post also says that the time period you hop into Warzone also affects the strength of skill-based matchmaking. Skill-based matchmaking is at its peak strength between 8 pm and 2 am.

Whereas between 3 am and 7 am, the strength of SBMM was much lower. This is most likely due to a smaller pool of players in the game at this time.

How does SBMM Calculate When Playing With Friends in Warzone 2?

This research also found playing with friends or other people does not take the average K/D into account.

Instead, it will take the lowest K/D and highest K/D placing you into a lobby somewhere between this range.

For example, a duo that has a 0.8 and a 2.5 K/D will have a higher chance of playing in lower-skilled lobbies than a duo that both have a 2.05 K/D despite having the same average.

Warzone 2 Players on Plane

If you want to lower your K/D to find easier lobbies, you can use the same methods in Warzone 2 and MW2!

If you are on the higher end of the K/D scale, how to get a nuke in Warzone 2 was recently discovered! You will certainly need to be a top-level player to detonate this nuclear weapon in Al Mazrah!

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