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Warzone 2 Buy Station 2.0 – All Items & Costs

Here is everything you need to know about the newly revamped Buy Station 2.0 in Warzone 2 and how it’ll help you survive in Al Mazrah.

One of the biggest mechanics in Warzone was the ability to find Buy Stations around the map and use them to give you an edge against the competition.

In Warzone 2, the Buy Station is back with a few more features that allow players to choose their items more easily.

What is The Buy Station 2.0 in Warzone 2?

The Buy Station 2.0 is the newly revamped shop in Warzone 2 where players can purchase their loadouts, armors, and even their teammates.

Every Buy Station 2.0 in Warzone 2 has a limited quantity of items unique to that station for purchase. Not every item is available at every Buy Station, so you’ll need to make do with the items that are at your disposal.

This means that once the Shop Limit for that Item has been reached, no other player in the lobby will be able to purchase it.

Although, the four basic categories will remain the same across all Buy Stations:

  • Redeploy Squadmates
  • Gear
  • Weapons
Buy Station 2 Warzone 2

These Buy Stations 2.0 will be scattered around the largest battle royale that Call of Duty has ever seen, Al Mazrah.

You can see a complete list of options for each category below.

How to Buy Back Squadmates in Warzone 2 & Price

You can redeploy your squadmates from Buy Station 2.0 in Warzone 2 for $4,000. When your squadmates are eligible for redeploy, they will be the top option when you enter the Buy Station 2.0 menu.

How to Buy Gear From Buy Station 2.0 – All Options & Prices

To buy Gear from the Buy Station 2.0, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Search for the Buy Station Icon (shopping cart) on your map in Warzone 2 and make your way to it.
Warzone Shop Icon
  • When you reach it, you’ll need to interact with the Buy Station to bring up the list of options.
  • Once here, choose the gear option, and you’ll be able to purchase any items unique to that shop ig you have enough money.

It is worth noting that every Buy Station in Warzone has a limited quantity of items for purchase. This means that only a select few players in the entire lobby can purchase that item. This is reflected in the Shop Limit.

Once the Shop Limit for the item has been reached, players will no longer be able to purchase that item from that specific shop.

ItemPriceShop Limit
Self-Revive Kit40003
Gas Mask4000No Limit
Armor Plate1000No Limit
Armor Box3000No Limit
Munitions Box3000No Limit
3-Plate Armor Vest 3000No Limit
Frag500No Limit
Gas Grenade5003
Medical Syringe5003
Shock Stick5003
Throwing Knife5003
Decoy Grenade5003
Mortar Strike5000Varies

If you’re looking to get to a Buy Station quickly, you might want to see what the best vehicles in Warzone 2 are to get you there safely.

How to Buy Weapons in Warzone 2 – Price & Options

Players can buy a variety of Primary Weapons from the Buy Station in Warzone 2, including:

STB 5565000
556 Icarus5000
Bryson 8905000
FTAC Recon5000
Fennec 455000

You can see a list of every available weapon in Warzone 2.0 here.

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