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All Warzone 2 Season 2 Looting Changes

Infinity Ward is introducing some major looting changes to Warzone 2 that will change the landscape in Al Mazrah.

These changes will revamp the way players loot and change the overall flow of a match.

It’s likely that Warzone 2 is receiving these changes due to all the criticism from the community regarding ground loot.

Thankfully, Warzone Season 2 will address these issues and make the looting system more straightforward and player friendly.

Warzone 2 Season 2 Ground Loot Changes

Here is a rundown of every looting change coming in Season 2:

  • Medium and Large Backpacks will be removed. Players have limited inventory space.
    • All players will have the same backpack.
  • Loot dropped by eliminated players appears floating in front of the player. They no longer drop backpacks.
  • Floating loot that will now drop onto the ground out of all containers.
  • Warzone 2 will no longer have armor vests pick-ups. Players now start the match with three armor plate spots.
  • Cash piles found from ground loot have a minimum value of $800 (previously $100).

This means that when a player is eliminated and drops loot, it’ll show up floating on the ground. This eliminates the need to look through backpacks and gives players a simpler approach to the inventory system.

Medium/large backpacks are no longer available to balance the impact of players stacking multiple killstreaks and Self-Revives. This is an issue that many players found unfair due to the number of self-revive kits one player could hold.

These are only a few changes that Warzone 2 will implement in Season 2. Infinity Ward has also revealed that the 1v1 Gulag Format will return.

They’ve also revamped the Warzone 2 economy to avoid giving redeployed players a disadvantage. To help players improve their quality of life, Infinity Ward has also balanced the prices for Loadout Drop Markers.

All of these will go live alongside Warzone 2 Season 2, and players will have the opportunity to see them in action in the upcoming Call of Duty Blog.

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