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Warzone 2 Reveal to Show “Groundbreaking Innovations” Later This Year

Activision has finally revealed the first information about the upcoming Warzone 2 reveal event – here’s the rundown!

Warzone took gaming by storm 2 years ago and while the game is still receiving plenty of updates, many players have drifted away over time.

While many players are calling Warzone “dead”, there is still plenty to be excited about in the future of the game.

Godzilla and Kong are coming in Warzone’s Operation Monarch and there’s also a whole new season of content arriving soon. However, many fans still can’t help but think of the sequel to Warzone already.

Luckily, Activision has finally announced a little bit of information about when to expect the Warzone 2 reveal. It’s only a snippet but it will get fans excited about the possibilities in Warzone 2!

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When Will Activision Reveal Warzone 2?

Activision announced Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 over 2 months ago. Despite this, we have heard nothing official about the sequel to Warzone until now.

The Activision Q1 earnings report revealed plenty about the company’s finances but Call of Duty fans will be most interested in the paragraph of new information about the series.

The report says that the reveal of ‘new Warzone experience’ will be coming later this year. Although, it looks like Warzone 2’s release date will be in 2023.

Additionally, the sequel will feature “groundbreaking innovations” and has been built from the ground up.

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In addition to saying when to expect the Warzone 2 reveal, the earnings report also revealed that Modern Warfare 2 will be “the most advanced experience” in the history of the franchise. This, alongside the first MW2 teaser image, has built up loads of hype for the game already.

Plus, leaks suggest that the Modern Warfare 2 trailer release date is coming soon!

Let’s hope to hear more about the upcoming Warzone 2 reveal soon as well as some more information about MW2 as well!

In other news, it looks like the Warzone sequel will have a highly-requested feature. A rumor suggests that Warzone 2 will have an FOV slider on consoles!

Plus, Activision has revealed that it will support both Warzone 2 and MW2 with a free-to-play title. But what could this mysterious upcoming Call of Duty game be?

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