Warzone 2 data miners have discovered evidence pointing to the next Resurgence map being in the Netherlands.

The MW2 campaign prominently featured the Western European country. In it, players roamed around the streets of Amsterdam.

For this reason, it wouldn’t be surprising seeing this setting in the Battle Royale, as new rumors suggest.

New Resurgence Map Based in the Netherlands According to Leak

The next Warzone 2 map will take place in the Netherlands, according to Task Force Leakers 141 on Twitter. The data miner reliably leaks information they find in the game’s files.

In the files, the leaker found the map’s code name “Vondel” as well as an attached location for “Netherlands, Europe.”

The Dutch term “Vondel” translates to English as “found.” More interestingly, it is also the name of a large public park in the country’s capital.

Located in the south of Amsterdam, Vondelpark is an urban public zone. It is around 120 acres which calculates to be approximately 485,000m².

If the leaks are accurate and the whole park is used, it would double the size of the largest Resurgence map we have seen so far.

However and most likely, they will only use half of this area to bring it closer to the size of the previous maps.

The potential Vondelpark location would also mark the first Resurgence map in the inner suburbs of a city rather than on an island.

Amsterdam in MW2
Amsterdam in MW2

When Will the Next Warzone 2 Resurgence Map Release?

In Warzone 1, Fortune’s Keep was released 18 months after Rebirth Island. If previous trends are anything to go by, it would see the map released sometime in August 2024.

With no confirmed information currently available, it is hard to tell when the next Warzone 2 map will release.

Of course, this is quite some time away, and the map’s appearance in the files could suggest it is early in its development.

There have also been some suggestions that Las Almas will be the next Resurgence map to be added to the game. A lot of hints certainly point towards this being the case.

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