Resurgence is a fast-paced variation of Warzone 2 Battle Royale in which eliminated players can respawn.

Players must wait out the resurgence clock to respawn, however, there are ways to shorten the time. Operators can respawn endlessly until the fourth circle, but only if one of their team members is still alive.

The winners, like in the standard mode, are the last players standing out of a reduced pool of 52.

Warzone 2 Resurgence Quads on the menu

This is one of the most popular modes in Warzone due to its fast gameplay as players are constantly battling enemies.

While this is a returning mode from the original Warzone game, there are quite a few differences, including the introduction of Dog Tags and a new hunting mechanic.

Another major change is the new small-sized BR map, Ashika Island. This map is exclusive to Resurgence and DMZ.

What is the Hunt & Track Mechanic in Warzone 2 Resurgence?

The Hunt & Track mechanic in Warzone 2 Resurgence will display the location of squad mates of any enemy you eliminate on the mini-map.

These players will only display for a short period of time. Whenever Resurgence Solos is released, this will instead show the position of the enemy you killed for 10 seconds after they redeploy.

How to Reduce Resurgence Respawn Timer

There are a ton of ways that you or your teammates can get squad members back into the action faster.

  • Headshots
    • Eliminate an enemy with a Headshot.
  • A.I Elimination
    • Eliminate an A.I soldier.
  • Uplink
    • Capture a Data Heist uplink point.
  • On the Move
    • Move more than 25 meters while teammates are dead.
  • Hunt
    • Eliminate a player who is tracked by the hunting mechanic.
  • Hunter Double
    • Eliminate two players in a row while they are tracked by the hunting mechanic.
  • Hunter Spree
    • Eliminate more than three players while they were tracked by the hunting mechanic.
  • Armor Break
    • Break all of a player’s active armor plates.
  • Audacious Elimination
    • Get a kill while a teammate is downed.
  • Fearless Elimination
    • Get a kill while being the last surviving member of your team.

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