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Warzone 2 Releases New Pay To Win Operator Skin

Once again, Call of Duty released an Operator Skin that players are calling Pay to Win, giving users an edge in battle.

This skin has already become one of the best-selling items on Steam, so the chances that you run into it in your matches are almost unavoidable.

Here is everything you need to know about the new Pay to Win Operator Skin in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Pay to Win Skin Rises to Best Seller on Steam

Warzone 2 newest CDL release featured an almost all-black LA Thieves CDL Operator Skin that features the same visibility issues that the Roze “Pay to Win” skin had in the original Warzone.

Players feel that it gives those who use it an unfair advantage because it can be challenging to see the Operator when players using it are in areas with less light.

Since the skin is almost all black, it can easily blend into some surrounding objects. Due to how many buildings there are, it’s easy to find areas with shade to hide in.

When you group this together with how difficult it has been to hear enemy footsteps, it gives the player a real unfair advantage.

This was already an issue in the original Warzone due to the Roze Operator Skin, which was infamous due to how many players would take advantage of the visibility issues.

The LA Thieves CDL Operator Skin was released alongside other CDL Operator Skins. These skins were all designed by the team that they represent. So it isn’t necessarily something Call of Duty created, but they did approve it.

It seems to be outselling the popular football Operator Skins released alongside the World Cup, including:

How to Purchase LA Thieves CDL Operator Skin

Players can purchase the LA Thieves CDL Operator from the Call of Duty Store for $9.99.

Scroll to the “Store” tab using the R1/RB/R and head towards the bottom. Here you will see items you can purchase with money, not COD Points.

The CDL Operator Skins appear in the “CDL Team Supporter Pack” section, including the LA Thieves pack.

If it does not appear, you can head to the official CDL Store here.

The entire bundle includes:

  • Male and Female Home and Away Operator Skins
  • Weapon Camo
  • Vinyl Sticker
  • Animated Calling Card
  • Emblem
  • Weapon Sticker
CDL LA Thieves

Although to showcase these items in the lobby and your profile, you’ll need to know how to edit your Warzone 2 Showcase.

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