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What Are Redeploys on the Warzone 2 Scoreboard?

Some players just need a few redeploys before they get it right.

While playing Warzone 2 Resurgence, players can always return to the battlefield thanks to the unique redeploy mechanic.

This mechanic allows any player with teammates alive to redeploy multiple times throughout the match. Players can now see how often they have redeployed a squad member on their scoreboard.

What Is Redeploy on Warzone 2 Scoreboard?

The Redeploys on the Warzone 2 Scoreboard refers to the number of times you have redeployed a teammate by still being alive in the game.

To redeploy in Resurgence, you need an active squad member to remain alive. If all players in your team die before the redeploy timer hits 0, you will all be eliminated from the match.

When you redeploy, you are parachuted back into a game after being eliminated, basically respawning. Usually, you will drop with a weapon and some ammo.

Warzone 2 Redeploys

Ashika Island’s Resurgence mode tracks Redeploys because it is a constant mechanic ongoing during your match.

Players will see a timer on their screen just below the map with a parachute. This shows that a redeploy is counting down.

Any downed teammates will respawn when the counter reaches 0 and return to the fight. Resurgence Mode is built on this mechanic to include a faster-paced play style for players.

A team could see themselves redeploying multiple times throughout a match and still go on to obtain victory.

What Counts as a Redeploy?

To count as a redeploy in the scoreboard for Warzone 2 Resurgence; players must be alive and have a squad member waiting to redeploy.

Your “Redeploy” stat will then increase when they respawn, showcasing you have brought back a teammate.

To redeploy, players must wait out the Resurgence timer, and once this timer reaches 0, the player will respawn.

Teammates that are alive can lessen this timer by performing feats in-game.

  • Search supply boxes.
  • Eliminate enemy players.
  • Reach new points of interest.
  • Finish contracts.

Redeploys only appear on the scoreboard in Resurgence mode; they do not appear on the scoreboard in Battle Royale.

Where to See Redeploys in Warzone 2 Resurgence

Players can find the number of times they redeployed in one match on their scoreboard after the Damage Done stat.

This will show the number of times you have been able to redeploy a member of your squad during your match. Unfortunately, there is no way to track your lifetime stats for Redeploys since they do not appear on the leaderboard.

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