Redeploy Packs in Warzone 2 are equipment that instantly returns you to action after you die. This means you can avoid the Gulag and parachute back into the map.

This item is exclusive to Al Mazrah and there are three ways you can acquire one:

If you die after getting this new equipment and before fighting in the Gulag, you will redeploy instantly instead of going to your 1v1 fight. However, it will not replace your attempt if you still have one.

Instead, you will redeploy immediately, and if you die again while the Gulag is still active, you will then have your opportunity to respawn by winning your fight.

Avoiding the Gulag may be a smart idea as a new Warzone 2 bug is pitting teammates against each other!

Warzone 2 players redeploying

Using a Redeploy Pack to return to the game will also leave your inventory empty, just like how you return when you win a Gulag.

Redeploy Packs in Warzone 2 are not held within your backpack. Once you have one, the game will know to redeploy you.

How to Find Redeploy Packs in Warzone 2

Ground Loot

Redeploy Packs can spawn in ground loot all across the map. This method is one of the hardest ways to obtain one as they are a rare item drop.

However, it does mean you will be able to find one without having to spend money or fight A.I soldiers.

Buy Stations

You can also purchase Redeploy Packs at Buy Stations. This item will cost $6000 to acquire, although only one will be available per shop.

It is also not guaranteed that every Buy Station will have this item for sale. However, this is still one of the best ways to grab one.

Redeploy Pack at Warzone 2 Buy Station

Strongholds & Black Sites

The final method to get a Redeploy Pack is by completing a Stronghold or Black Site. Successfully clearing out one of these buildings will guarantee you receive this item.

After defusing the bomb, the Redeploy Pack will release all other rewards such as kill streaks, armor boxes, and ammo boxes. Of course, this means it will be helpful to know all Stronghold locations to help you find one!

Warzone 2 strongholds

Redeploy Packs will undoubtedly be one of the most useful items in the game. Having one stocked away will help you and your squad, as dead teammates can instantly rejoin the action.

However, each player on your team will need one as they only work for those who pick it up.

Redeploy Packs are not the only new item in Warzone 2. The Season 2 update has added a ton of new mechanics to the game but mainly on Ashika Island.

Check out these new gameplay features which are exclusive to the new Resurgence map:

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