Call of Duty, via their official Twitter account, has confirmed that Warzone 2 Ranked and Plunder are coming to the game.

The confirmation states that these modes will be added in Season 3 or in a later update. Based on previous season timelines, Season 3 is likely to release around the middle of May 2023.

There is currently very little information on how this mode will function. However, based on past CoD competitive modes, you will likely have to climb divisions by increasing your skill rating.

Treyarch Studios, who operated as the primary developer for MW2’s ranked play, is now working on Warzone’s ranked mode, therefore players could expect similarities such as division names and emblems.

The news of a competitive mode is definitely one that will excite the community. Currently, Call of Duty’s Battle Royale mode is one of the only games in its genre to not cater to its competitive players.

That will all change with the addition of Warzone 2 Ranked, the game’s first completely dedicated competitive mode.

Warzone 2 Soldier holding assault rifle

Also coming to the game is the return of fan-favorite mode Plunder. While we have had hints at its return, we were never given any concrete information about it coming back until now.

Plunder is a respawn mode where players have to collect as much cash as possible. Players would deposit their cash at helipads or cash deposit balloons.

The winner of the match would be the team that obtained the most amount of money throughout the game.

This mode was a much less intense mode in comparison to Battle Royale. It was often a way for gamers to level up weapons or warm up before entering the 150-person map.

Although, for now, players will have to wait quite sometime before playing competitive Warzone or Plunder.

However, there is still plenty of new and exciting content available in Season 2 that gamers will enjoy!

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