Plunder is by far the best game mode to level up guns and earn Weapon XP in Warzone 2, thanks to this new trick.

In fact, if you use this trick with a Double Weapon XP Token, it is possible to get any gun to max level in just one Plunder match!

But before you find out the method to level up weapons quickly, you’ll want to know what to level up. Check out our Warzone 2 meta weapons tier list to find out the best guns to get you battle royale wins!

Warzone 2 Plunder

How to Earn Weapon XP Fast in Warzone 2 Plunder

The fastest way to earn weapon XP in Warzone 2 is by loading into a game of Plunder and completing as many Most Wanted contracts as possible.

To maximize how many contracts you can complete, loot as much as you can while it’s active. Also, spend your cash on armor plates to get a little bit more Weapon XP.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Make a loadout with the weapons you want to level up
  • Use a Double Weapon XP Token if you have one
  • Load into a game of Plunder and choose the loadout containing the weapons you want to level up
    • You can do this solo or with teammates
  • Drop into a location with a Most Wanted contract that you think won’t be too busy and start the contract
Most Wanted Contracts Warzone 2
  • While the Most Wanted is active, loot any boxes and containers to reduce the timer
    • Every container you loot will reduce the Most Wanted timer by 10 seconds
  • Completing the Most Wanted contract will give you 5500 Weapon XP for whatever weapon you are holding!
    • You can also get a small amount of additional Weapon XP by buying armor plates, so make sure to head to a Buy Station if you’ve got some cash spare
Most Wanted Contract Complete Warzone 2
  • Repeat this process with another Most Wanted contract to continue leveling up your guns as fast as possible!
    • With a Double Weapon XP Token, you should be able to reach max level with any gun within one match, as long as you complete four or five Most Wanted contracts

If you don’t want to play Plunder, but still want to level up weapons fast, we’ve got just the thing. You can also complete Most Wanted Contracts in Battle Royale for loads fo Weapon XP!

To see this method in action, check out P4wnyhof’s video below.

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