Warzone 2 players are scratching their heads over this bizarre in-game bug that’s vanishing all the Buy Stations from the map in Massive Resurgence.

Buy Stations are the go-to spots where gamers can stock up on weapons and grab some killstreaks. But thanks to this bug, players find spending their hard-earned cash in Al Mazrah trickier.

While there is no way around this bug, players will want to know why this is happening. Look no further, as we have the answer!

Why Are Buy Stations Disappearing in Warzone 2 Massive Resurgence?

The Fire Sale event in Warzone 2 has caused a glitch, resulting in the disappearance of Buy Stations from the map. Once the event concludes, Buy Station icons no longer appear.

Although the shops are still present and functional within the game, their absence from the map poses a challenge for players.

While they may wish to spend their money, they are unable as they lack the knowledge of the shop’s exact locations.

After the Fire Sale event, the only shop icons appearing for players are those from the Deployable Buy Stations.

At the moment, it does not appear that Raven Software is aware of this issue. This bug does not appear on their Warzone 2 Trello Board.

Buy Stations disappearing in massive resurgence
Credit: Glaive001 / Map showing no Buy Stations appearing

Players Confused About Buy Stations Disappearing in Warzone 2

Unaware of this glitch, a player posted on the CODWarzone subreddit, saying there were no Buy Stations in their game.

The user Davinator910 said: “I just finished a match with $90k unspent because the zones collapsed in a such a way that no buy station was available for the remaining 10 minutes.”

However, one player under the post quickly told them this was simply a visual bug.

by from discussion

Meanwhile, a Warzone player in another subreddit post was able to find the unmarked Buy Stations in their game.

byu/Glaive001 from discussion

With Buy Stations playing a significant role in the gameplay of Warzone 2, this bug must be resolved as soon as possible.

However, based on the developer’s previous bug fixing, it may not be good news for those playing Massive Resurgence.

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