Warzone 2 players have started calls for the developers to nerf the Self Revive kit in the Battle Royale game.

A clip on Reddit sparked this conversation after it showcased a player using multiple Self Revives outside the circle to win the match.

During this video, Reddit user “MortyCloneyt” eliminates another player. While looting the backpack, the player sees six Self Revive kits in their inventory.

On top of this, they already have two Self Revives of their own. Instead of fighting the remaining players in one of the final circles, the user stays outside and constantly revives themself.

Then when the circle becomes even smaller, they call in a Precision Airstrike that kills the other opponents and wins the game.

This can also be replicated using the revive pistols field upgrade, which acts as a Self Revive kit as well.

After posting the clip onto Reddit, Warzone 2 community members started to comment stating this should not be able to happen. Even suggesting some nerfs that could balance this item.

Warzone 2 Season 2 promises to bring a ton of changes that the community asked for such as a return to the old Warzone looting system.

However, with this system in place, it will become much easier to store and collect Self Revives. Instead of taking them from a player’s backpack, you will be able to easily collect them from the floor.

Possible Self Revive Nerfs for Warzone 2

There are several ways that Self Revives could be balanced in Warzone 2. Here are a couple of suggestions players have provided:

  • Limit the number of Self Revives a player can hold at one time
  • Add a cool-down timer between consecutive uses
  • Reduce the drop rate
  • Increase the Buy Station price
Warzone 2 Self Reviving
Credits: Akan E

The last suggestion could well be a possibility as Infinity Ward has already confirmed changes to the Warzone 2 economy are on their way.

However, for now, we suggest carrying a Precision Airstrike or Mortar Strike to finish off any downed enemies, so this does not happen against you.

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