An overwhelming majority of Warzone 2 players are demanding the return of one-shot kill snipers in Season 2.

In two recent polls totaling over 120,000 votes, Call of Duty players voted for snipers to regain their one-shot-kill potential on a headshot.

One of the biggest changes made in Warzone 2 was the fact that players no longer spawn with a 3-plate armor vest.

But when an Operator finds one, they suddenly gain protection from long-range attacks, with the ability to take any sniper bullet to the head without going down.

Even using Warzone 2’s best sniper loadouts, it’s not possible to down an enemy with a single shot when they have three plates.

Warzone 2 Sniper

Now, in Season 2, all players will have a 3-plate vest by default. And with this change, snipers are about to become even worse than they were at launch.

In two polls by the popular Call of Duty-based Twitter account ModernWarzone, fans are calling for snipers to regain their one-shot-kill potential that they had throughout Warzone 1’s lifespan.

The first poll, asking if heavy snipers should be able to one-shot headshot enemies, had 42,921 votes, with 87% in favor of the single-shot kill.

That’s 37,347 votes for yes, in case you were wondering.

The second poll rephrases the question, simply asking if snipers generally should be a one shot headshot kill.

This time, after a whopping 87,748 votes, 81.2% of players (~71,251 votes) opted for yes.

Should Snipers One Shot Headshot in Warzone 2?

For the record, ModernWarzone himself doesn’t believe snipers should be capable of this feat, believing that it would make Al Mazrah even slower-paced than usual if long-range instakills were meta.

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Interestingly, we’ve got proof that you can one-shot headshot an enemy with Warzone 2 snipers, even with three plates. But, going off Warzone 2’s weapon stats, it shouldn’t actually be possible – suggesting that the Battle Royale’s damage is simply bugged at times.

If snipers do get a buff to their damage, they may need adjusting in some other manner. For instance, the original Warzone tested snipers only one-shot killing from close-medium range.

Check out all the changes coming in Warzone Season 2 here! As for whether or not snipers will get a change – we’ll have to wait and see!

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