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Warzone 2: New Map, Gameplay & Loadout Details Leak

A new Warzone 2 leak has revealed plenty of information about the upcoming Battle Royale sequel and it sounds like it will be very different from the Warzone we know!

Call of Duty Warzone took gaming by storm when it was released back in the Spring of 2020 and while it is still popular now, some Warzone fans have lost interest as they wait for a sequel.

Earlier this year, Activision officially announced Warzone 2. However, beyond the fact that it’s in development, we have no official information about what it will be like.

Luckily, a new leak has revealed plenty of details about Warzone 2 and it looks like it will be very different from the Battle Royale game we know and love!

This is great news for fans who have been asking for a ‘Warzone 2.0’ with huge gameplay changes!


Warzone 2 Leak Reveals Huge Changes

A video from YouTuber NerosCinema has revealed a load of details about the upcoming Warzone 2.

While Activision has not confirmed any of this information yet, other leakers in the Warzone community also believe this information is accurate. Although, we would still urge you to take the following info with a grain of salt!

But first, here’s the expected Warzone 2 release window!

Map & Verdansk Return

Most importantly, NerosCinema claims that a new map is in development for Warzone 2. This was to be expected, but the most interesting detail is that it could include these classic MW2 maps as POIs.

Another leak has also revealed the setting of the Warzone 2 map.

Despite the new map, NerosCinema also claims that Verdansk will be returning at some point. It’s not known when exactly, but this is great news for old-school Warzone fans.

This seems almost certain as an Activision employee claims that Verdansk will return in 2023 as well!

verdansk call of duty warzone come back return 2023

Warzone 2 Gameplay Changes – Inventory System, Armor & Movement

Now, onto the major gameplay changes. The leak claims that Warzone 2 will be a lot more like the Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Blackout in more ways than one.

Players will have to find an armor satchel to equip armor plates and there will be a bag system with limited inventory space. Therefore, it seems like inventory management will play a much greater part in Warzone 2.

What’s more, Pro Perks will be returning in the Warzone sequel and there will be a pretty huge change to movement. Apparently, players will no longer be able to slide cancel – whether you like or dislike this change will be down to your playstyle but it should slow the game down a bit.

Unfortunately, NerosCinema didn’t share any information about Field of View. However, a previous leak revealed whether Warzone 2 will have a FOV Slider on consoles!

Call of Duty Warzone Tempered Perk in Season 5

Loadout Drop Changes

Next, NerosCinema also revealed that there will be some major changes to loadouts. This is a risky move as players hated the Caldera Loadout Drop changes!

Firstly, loadouts will be harder to get. Apparently, to get your custom loadout, you will first need to get into a ‘stronghold’ – these can be opened by completing objectives like defusing a bomb or killing AI enemies.

Additionally, even if Vanguard guns have 10 attachments in Warzone right now, Warzone 2 will be returning to the 5 attachment system. This should streamline the gunsmith and make the game easier to balance.

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Firing Range

Finally, there will be a firing range in the game which shows the damage and range of your weapons. This has been one of the most highly-requested Warzone features for ages now.

This will make creating the best loadouts in Warzone much easier as you can easily test everything for yourself!

All of these Warzone 2 details sound great so let’s hope this leak was accurate!

Hopefully, we will hear confirmation of these details at the Warzone 2 Reval Event later this year!


Meanwhile, don’t worry if these changes in Warzone 2 don’t sound great to you. Activision will still support ‘Warzone Legacy’ even after the new game releases.

Also, Activision will support Warzone 2 and MW2 with another free-to-play title. Therefore, there should be something for every Call of Duty fan to enjoy!

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