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Warzone 2 & MW2 Anti-Cheat Will Now Ban Cronus Controllers

Will anti-cheat do the trick this time?

The RICOCHET Anti-Cheat team just revealed a new update that makes it difficult for players to use Cronus and other third-party hardware in MW2 and Warzone 2.

A cheater is one of the most tedious things to encounter in WZ2 and MW2. It is detrimental to the game and ruins the fun of others.

RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Update Prevents Cronus Controllers

With this MW2 and Warzone 2 update, RICOCHET Anti-Cheat will detect third-party hardware devices that alter gameplay or provide an unfair advantage.

This includes controllers using the Cronus software to minimize or completely eliminate their recoil.

Players detected using Cronus or third-party software will first see a warning on their screen. After multiple warnings, players may see additional repercussions, including:

  • The deployment of mitigations, such as deletion from leaderboards and not being able to play online.
  • Account or feature suspensions.
  • Banning of the account with multiple offenses across all Call of Duty titles.

It doesn’t seem like players will suffer an immediate ban from using the devices, but repeated use will certainly lead to it.

This will likely lead to a healthy boost for the community. Recently, Warzone 2 player counts have drastically fallen.

Cheaters aren’t the only reason for this, but it’s definitely one of the main causes.

Here is the “Unsupported Device Warning” in-game:

Anti Cheat Warning Warzone 2 MW2

Call of Duty has noted that this is a new software that they will consistently update and modify to improve its effectiveness.

How Does Cronus Work in MW2 & Warzone 2?

Cronus is a third-party hardware device that players can connect to their controllers on a console or PC.

This device allows players to attach scripts to their controllers, resulting in different in-game benefits.

A few examples of the scripts that players can attach to their controllers include:

  • Aim Assist
  • Recoil Control
  • Rapid-Fire Mods

They are not difficult to obtain. Players can buy them from gaming retailers such as GameStop. This is why it became such a huge issue in the community.

Many streamers are also suspected of using Cronus and are constantly questioned by their viewers.

But with this update, Call of Duty hopes to rapidly reduce the number of players using these devices. This will allow Warzone 2 and MW2 to feel like a more fair environment.

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