The new mode “Massive Resurgence” in Warzone 2 is lacking a Solos and Duos playlist, which is leaving players wondering when they will arrive.

This new Battle Royale mode takes the fan-favorite Resurgence experience and has implemented it into the large-scale map, Al Mazrah.

Warzone 2 Massive Resurgence Solos & Duos Release Date

There is no confirmed date on when the developers will release this mode’s Solo and Duos playlists. However, the next possible date is April 19, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST.

Playlist updates in MW2 and Warzone 2 always occur on Wednesdays. If you are seeking to play this mode solo or with a single friend, ensure to check the game on this particular day every week.

Currently, players will have to settle for the Massive Resurgence Quads and Trios. If you don’t know already, make sure to check out all of this mode’s unique features before hopping in.

Al Mazrah Resurgence

After launching Ashika Island Resurgence with only a Quads mode, Raven Software’s decision to release this new mode with certain squad sizes lacking seems odd.

At the start of Season 2, the community gave the developers backlash for this decision. They eventually added all squad sizes for Ashika Island.

However, they only did so during the season’s reloaded update, a month into the map’s launch. Since then, not every squad size for Ashika Island has been available each week.

Season 3’s absence of Ashika Island Trios means that Solos and Duos may not be permanent even after being added.

Players who favor Solo and Duo modes are hoping for a quicker implementation than the smaller map modes so that they can experience this chaotic 150 player Resurgence mode.

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