The new “vomit” style Warzone 2 looting system is now causing a disappearing loot bug when opening hidden caches.

This system dumps the items on the floor, where they sink back into the ground and completely disappear under the map. Therefore, leaving players unable to collect whatever was inside.

This glitch appears to only impact the hidden loot caches that spawn throughout Al Mazrah and no other loot box. Although, the items will not vanish every time you access one.

Opening these hidden caches is a great way to set up in the early game. They give tons of cash, high attachment weapons, and killstreaks.

With this looting bug, there is now a chance you will come away with less than you expected.

The return to the old Warzone 1 looting system came as part of a ton of other loot changes in Season 2 as players grew frustrated with the backpack system.

However, with bugs like this popping up, players seem to dislike the major change to looting in Warzone 2.

Looting has become more difficult, according to the person who posted the top comment on the video showcasing this glitch.

One player replied to this comment and agreed that the backpack system was better.

While others seem to be split on whether or not this change was necessary.

Whether or not you agree with the new system, this loot disappearing bug is certainly frustrating, especially for those who land near these caches in Warzone 2.

If you are one of those players, it might be a good time to switch up your gameplay and land at another great location in Al Mazrah.

But if you don’t want to change how you play, you can instead hop into the new Resurgence map and drop in at one of the best locations on Ashika Island!

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