The easiest way to find white chests in Warzone 2 is to loot inactive Stronghold buildings in Al Mazrah. These Strongholds contain at least 2 white chests which usually provide:

  • Approximately $20k in cash
  • UAVs
  • Precision Airstrikes
  • Multiple weapons with 5 attachments
  • Gas Masks

Despite them not being active Strongholds, they will remain locked until the active Strongholds are revealed. They unlock after the first circle collapse (4 minutes into the match).

An inactive Stronghold still contains some of the same loot as an active Stronghold. The biggest differences are that inactive Strongholds do not have a Black Site Key, Loadout Drop, or AI defending it.

This makes them one of the best locations to loot. Now that loadout drops can be bought from a Buy Station, it also makes more sense to visit these over an active Stronghold.

Strongholds are easy to identify because they have orange flags outside the building. Players can see a map of every Stronghold in Warzone 2 here.

It is worth noting that not every Stronghold location has orange flags outside of it, but these are the ones which will have the boxes. These buildings do not have the same loot as an active Stronghold would.

Stronghold Warzone 2

Players need to find one of the Strongholds with the orange flags for this to work.

What Are White Chests in Warzone 2?

White Chests are loot boxes in Warzone 2 that contain rare loot and weapons with 5 attachments. They also usually contain a Gas Mask and a killstreak or two.

The easiest way to find them is by heading to a Stronghold, active or inactive. These locations usually contain one or two white chests for players to loot.

White Chests Items
Possible Warzone 2 White Chest loot.

These can make all the difference in a Warzone 2 match. One of the most difficult aspects is to get the right loot to carry you through the different circle collapses and encounters you may face.

But if your goal is to obtain a loadout drop, you’ll need to ensure your loadout has the current meta weapons in it.

These weapons can make all the difference in-game. It also helps to be prepared since many players currently use the overpowered Birdseye Perk to have a constant UAV in Warzone 2.