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Warzone 2 Kill Records: Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads World Records

Here are the current World Records for Warzone 2 kills – including Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads, and more!

Sometimes just getting the Warzone Victory isn’t enough for the truly dominant members of the Call of Duty community. And although Warzone 2 is slower-paced than the Battle Royale before it, it’s still possible to rack up some incredible kill counts.

If you’re looking to rival the best of the best, or just want to see what the current Warzone 2 World Records are, you’re in the right place.

All Warzone 2 World Records

CategoryRecord HolderKillsDate
SoloRallied42December 11, 2022
DuosBennii, Pluft59January 19, 2022
TriosYungstaz, Gangstaz, uavs87December 16, 2022
QuadsMuTeX, Aydan, Adrian, Sage130January 15, 2023
Solo vs DuosSoDzeX44January 26, 2023
Solo vs TriosBBlade49January 21, 2023
Solo vs QuadsMuTeX44November 19, 2022
Duos vs TriosSoDzeX, JDevise56January 1, 2023
Duos vs QuadsPrettyPrincess, Mayappo85December 23, 2022
Trios vs QuadsSage, Classic, HASSI93January 4, 2023
3rd Person TriosUnRationaL, Huskerrs, Reedr61December 24, 2022
These World Records are up to date as of January 28, 2023. We'll update this article as players continue to break the kill records.

Rules for Warzone 2 World Records

In order to qualify for a Warzone 2 World Record, a player needs to have video proof of their Battle Royale game, either on stream or via a gameplay capture.

The match must also be captured on a player’s regular account, not on a low-level smurf in order to find easier opponents.

Limited Time Modes or events also don’t count towards Warzone 2 World Records. Also, nukes do not count towards your total kill count in Warzone 2.0, though the game-ending killstreak doesn’t actually seem to give you any kills.

Warzone 2 Solos World Record

Taking full advantage of the glitched Birdeye Perk to give himself a UAV every time another player uses one, streamer Rallied absolutely shreds the lobby.

With most of his kills coming from an overpowered Fennec loadout, the streamer ends his run with a ridiculous 42 eliminations in Solos.

Warzone 2 Duos World Record

As we anticipated, the battle for the Duos World Record has been hotly contested. Currently, the highest kill game goes to Pluft and bennii who were able to nab 59 kills between them.

The talented players weren’t looking to set any records in this match but their 1v1 wager incentivized the users to push themselves further than a Duo has before.

Warzone 2 Trios World Record

With a whopping 87 kills between them, Yungstaz, Gangstaz, and uavs made use of devastating akimbo pistol loadouts and incredible RPKs to tear up the lobby.

Warzone 2 Quads World Record

Shattering the Quads World Record and bagging an insane 130 kills is the all-star team of Aydan, MuTeX, Sage, and Adrian. We promise you’ve never seen destruction like this in a Warzone 2 lobby.

In fact, the game is so impressive that it’s been hit with countless cheating accusations. And although it’s often hard to determine the difference between high level play and using hacks, there are certainly a few moments that are hard to believe here.

Warzone 2 Solos Duos World Record

The Solo Duos World Record is hotly contested in Warzone 2 but currently, the crown sits firmly on SoDzeX’s head. Taking on Duos without a partner of his own, the talented player decimated all that stood in his way until disaster struck.

With 44 kills under his belt, SoDzeX was already 2 kills over the existing WR when an error disconnected him from the lobby. And seeing as there were 5 enemies remaining, who knows what the streamer’s final score could have been if Warzone 2 wasn’t so unstable!

Warzone 2 Solos Trios World Record

After a nail-biting finish, Italian professional player BBlade finishes his Solo Trios game with a whopping 49 kills. This takes the crown from SoDzeX’s 48 elimination game, and it all came down to the final fight.

BBlade uses the world’s best Fennec loadout to tremendous effect, taking out waves of teams that won’t stop throwing themselves at him. And although there were a couple of moments where we were sure he’d lost the match, he somehow emerged with not only the W but also the WR.

Warzone 2 Solos Quads World Record

Yet another record from MuTeX comes from this Solo Quads game where the streamer drops an insane 44 kills. This time around, he dominates with the meta MX9 which makes the gun look crazy in Warzone 2.

Even against full teams, the players is able to tear through the lobby, though once again the Warzone pro doesn’t manage to make it to the last man standing.

Warzone 2 Duos Trios World Record

Despite a slow start with JDevise going AFK in a hunt for toilet paper, SoDzeX and his teammate succeed in taking the world record game for Duos Trios.

After splitting up to shred through enemy squads, the pair are able to get their hands on an impressive 56 kills. What particularly stands out in this game is the duo’s use of the live Ping system, which they use to track enemies even at extreme distances.

Warzone 2 Duos Quads World Record

Taking on whole squads as a Duo can be tricky, unless you’re two of the best Warzone 2 players out there. In a wager match to see which player could nab the most kills, Mayappo and PrettyPrincess split up and destroyed a Duos Quads lobby.

With 85 kills between them, this is one record that’s sure to last for some time. And although PrettyPrincess took the win with 46 versus Mayappo’s 39, both players are the proud owners of a new World Record!

Note: PrettyPrincess is the new name of streamer ScummN, with the streamer confirming to GamingINTEL that the name change was only to avoid stream sniping. It is therefore not a new account entirely which would negate his world record win.

Warzone 2 Trios vs Quads World Record

The current Trios vs Quads World Record goes to Sage, Classic, and HASSI who managed to drop an insane 93 kill game in Al Mazrah.

Splitting up the squad right from the drop, the three players rinsed the lobby against 4-man teams and netted a minimum of 30 kills apiece. It’ll definitely be hard for any trio out there to beat this record.

Warzone 2 3rd Person Trios World Record

The record for Trios and 3rd Person Trios is noticeably different, perhaps due to Call of Duty’s long history as a First Person Shooter. However, that doesn’t make this performance from UnRationaL, HusKerrs, and Reedr any less impressive.

The Trio works as well together as they do apart, leading to a spectacular 61 kills in the 3rd Person lobby.

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