Warzone 2 players can now Interrogate enemy players to get valuable information regarding an enemy squad.

Intel in Warzone 2 is one of the most powerful tools to have at your fingertips. You have the advantage if you know where the player is or where a particular item is.

Interrogations allow players to get intel from other enemy players that can prove helpful on the battlefield. Here’s how you can use it to your advantage!

How to Interrogate in Warzone 2 & DMZ

After downing an enemy in any squad-based Warzone 2 mode, you can interact with them to enter an Interrogation.

This will reveal their allies’ locations in your map as red pings and show their outlines through buildings similar to a Snapshot Grenade.

The effect only works if the player interrogates the enemy when they are down and incapacitated. If you eliminate them completely, you can not use the Interrogation mechanic.

The effect of the Interrogation can go away when either:

  • The interrogated player gets revived by a teammate.
  • Your team eliminates the interrogated player, or they eliminate themselves.

Although this could be a risky tactic to do if you’re in the middle of a gunfight. An interrogated player also has the option to alert the team and place a ping of the Interrogator on their map.

What Does An Interrogation Reveal?

Here is everything that an interrogation reveals in Warzone 2:

  • Enemy location on your mini-map.
  • Outline of enemy players in your surrounding area.
  • The location of any equipment that enemy players may have set up.

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Warzone 2 Interrogate

Best Time to Interrogate in Warzone 2

The best time to interrogate an enemy in Warzone 2 is when the enemy squad is nowhere in sight after downing a player.

This could mean that the downed player was flanking or rushing ahead of his team. Interrogating them lets your team know exactly where their team is coming from and prepare for the encounter.

Since it also reveals the location of the Interrogator than it’s very likely that the enemy team will push you as well. This is a great time to set up traps and set up your team for an ambush.

It’s also worth having one of the best weapons in Warzone 2 to prepare for an onslaught of enemy players!

Can You Interrogate Enemy Players in DMZ?

Players are able to Interrogate their enemies in DMZ as well. This is huge for a mode like DMZ where any Intel can give you an advantage towards a successful Exfil.

In DMZ, the stakes are much higher than in Warzone 2. Your goal is not to be the last one alive but to stay alive.

So being able to Interrogate enemy players might be one of the most valuable assets. You can also take an enemy’s weapon and even use that weapon to unlock its base version for Warzone 2 and MW2.

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