Players are being instantly killed in Warzone 2 instead of downed due to a severe bug. Fortunately, it seems like Activision is on the case.

While there are only a few major issues in Warzone 2 at launch, a few massively impact the result of the game.

Unfortunately, one bug sees players entirely skip the downed phase and go immediately to death. It’s not fun, and many players are understandably annoyed.

However, while this issue may be a little tricky to fix, if you were wondering how to fix the lobbies not filling issue in Warzone 2, then we’ve got you covered there too.

What Is the Instant Kill Bug in Warzone 2?

Many players have reported that they are being instantly killed and eliminated, skipping the ‘downing’ during a match of Warzone 2.

This seems to be happening after they’ve been killed once before, which sends players to the Gulag. After returning from it, if they’re downed again, they are dying instantly instead.

Typically, players are put in a “downed” state after losing all their health, which limits their ability to fight, and their movement. They can be revived within a set time, but if it runs out or they’re shot, they’ll die.

However, this is obviously not the case for the people affected by this bug. Being instantly killed means teammates can’t revive them and must pay to redeploy them, which is hugely inconvenient.
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How to Fix Instant Kill Bug in Warzone 2

Fortunately, Raven Software – one of the developers behind Warzone 2 – is actively investigating this bug. They have posted to their Trello board that they are searching for a fix.

While there is no confirmation on what that fix is or when it will arrive, it will likely arrive in the near future as it is quite a severe issue. Therefore, the fix will simply be a future update.

If you’re interested in seeing what other updates are coming, then why not check out how to follow Warzone 2’s Trello Board?

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