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Warzone 2 Season 2 Gulag & Looting Changes Revealed

Raven Software revealed on their official Twitter account that the Gulag would return to a 1v1 format and that loot from eliminated players will now pop up on the ground in front of the player instead of in a backpack in Season 2.

These are two massive changes that completely revert some of Warzone 2’s core mechanics to how they played out in the original Warzone.

As it stands, the Gulag has been a 2v2 since Warzone 2 launched. This was a controversial mechanic since some players enjoyed the chaos it would bring, but others felt it was unfair to tie their fate to a random stranger.

Now that Warzone 2 is reverting to a 1v1 Gulag with Season 2, it most likely means we will see a completely new Gulag map.

Looting is also something that many players have been asking for. Many believed that sorting through an enemy player’s backpack would leave them in a bad position.

Many players voiced their concerns about the UI and how clunky it felt when looting. With this new change, loot will now drop on the ground immediately. It’ll be exactly what happens when you open a white chest in Warzone 2.

These are just a few changes that have reverted entirely new mechanics in Warzone 2 to resemble the original Warzone more closely. The first major one was the addition of Loadout Drop Markers to the Buy Stations.

Raven heavily fought against this change, but they seemed to have changed their mind due to the heavy player count drop Warzone 2 has seen.

Some players even believe a Warzone Verdansk Revival could outperform the current Warzone 2 player count.

Although it seems with all these changes, Raven Software is bringing back the original Warzone playstyle to Al Mazrah.

All Possible & Confirmed Gulag & Looting Changes in Warzone 2 Season 2

Although here are some of the possible changes we could see in the deep-dive studio blog:

  • Raven Software has confirmed the Gulag will return to a 1v1 format.
    • This potentially means they’ll introduce a new Gulag map.
    • Raven Software may try to include some way for players to work together to escape.
    • If you were a fan of 2v2, you might see it return with Gunfight in MW2.
  • Looting is confirmed to revert to its original mechanics from Warzone Caldera. Loot will now pop up on the ground in front of the player instead of in a backpack.
    • Raven Software could also change how loot is stored with the player. As it stands, all loot is managed in the backpack, similar to other battle royales.
  • Loadouts have already seen a few changes since Warzone 2 launched, but more changes are coming.

These are all changes we may see, but it’s also possible that Raven Software has something completely different in mind.

Interestingly, these huge gameplay changes are coming alongside Warzone 2 Resurgence.

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