The Gulag is one of the most unique aspects of Warzone 2, allowing players a way back into the game after death. Now with the new Gulag Entry Kit, players can have even more opportunities to return to combat.

Picking up this item can be crucial in deciding if you or your team wins the match but of course you must know where to find them.

Where to Find Gulag Entry Kits in Warzone 2

To find a Gulag Entry Kit you can:

  • Search for them in chests.
  • Find them in the ground loot.

Players will only be able to have one Gulag attempt active at a time. This means if you have yet to go to the Gulag, this item will not work.

Additionally, if you still have a Gulag attempt available when it closes, you will receive $2000 as a reward.

Also new to Warzone 2, is the addition of Deployable Buy Stations. This field upgrade will let you purchase anything you want in any place, making sure you don’t need to visit the Gulag!

Blacksite Gulag Warzone 2

What Are Gulag Entry Kits in Warzone 2?

Gulag Entry Kits are special items that can be found and looted in Warzone 2. These kits give players an extra chance to return to the Gulag upon their death.

Normally, players are only allowed to visit the Gulag once per match. However, with this kit, they can have an additional opportunity to win their freedom and re-enter the battlefield.

This item works in the same fashion as the Redeploy Packs, however, with the entry kits, you will need to secure your own redeployment rather than automatically return to the action.

Warzone 2 Gulag
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