Many players believe that the Warzone 2 developers do not play their own game after a recent investigation into a Gulag bug.

For months, players have been grappling with a persistent and annoying problem that allows them to hear the footsteps of Gulag spectators. This makes attempting to redeploy much harder as this audio can mask the location of their opponent.

Despite the community’s eagerness for a fix, the recent acknowledgment of the bug has unexpectedly given rise to further frustration.

Warzone 2 Developers Take Months to Fix Gulag Issue

A post on the CODWarzone Reddit gained traction after Raven Software tweeted that they were investigating the audio problem.

The widespread nature of this post initiated a larger conversation among players. They started to raise issues about the developer’s level of involvement with their product.

One Warzone 2 player expressed their opinion in quite an explicit manner. They believe the time it took to to notice the audio bug suggests the developers do not play their own game.

Meanwhile, another player expresses their thoughts more straightforwardly. This user believes if they are only now aware of this problem, it is also a sign they do not play Warzone 2.

According to many gamers in this subreddit, this bug has been in Warzone since the early days of Verdansk.

This Gulag audio bug has undoubtedly been an annoyance for players. While they may be happy that it is finally being resolved, they are more upset about how long it took.

They strongly feel that the Warzone 2 developers should have been aware of it and fixed this months ago.

The Call of Duty community is never shy to point out glaring issues in the games. Most recently, another audio mix-up sparked outrage amongst players.

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