A new Warzone 2 glitch lets players buy a Loadout Drop Marker from Buy Stations so they can get their custom weapons the old-fashioned way!

Getting your custom weapons with powerful attachments is almost essential if you want to win games in Warzone 2. However, the battle royale sequel switched up the way players get Loadout Drops.

There are a couple of ways to get custom weapons in Warzone 2, but players can’t buy Loadout Drop Markers from Buy Stations, unlike the original game, upsetting many fans.

Despite this, a new glitch in the game is letting players buy Loadout Drop Markers from Buy Stations. This is just like how it was in the original Warzone!

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Warzone 2 Bug Lets Players Buy Loadouts Again

Some lucky players are currently experiencing a glitch in Warzone 2 that makes a Loadout Drop Marker available to purchase for just $2000 at Buy Stations.

This field upgrade, which calls in a custom loadout, is usually only obtainable from completing Strongholds or Black Sites.

Shockmcc shows this glitch in the TikTok below but this bug has appeared for other players too.


In rare cases, a Loadout Drop Marker is for sale in a Buy Station menu under the Gear tab. It isn’t known what is causing this but if you encounter it make sure to snap up this bargain!

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Will Players Be Able to Buy Their Loadout in Warzone 2 Soon?

There is no way of telling whether Loadout Drop Markers will be added to Warzone 2’s Buy Stations soon. However, the glitch where Loadout Drop Markers are on sale makes this addition seem more possible.

Alternatively, the bug could also be happening if the developer included Loadout Drop Markers at Buy Stations in early builds of Warzone 2 before the decision to change the loadout system was made.

If you prefer a game where you can buy Loadout Drop Markers, you’re in luck. That’s right – Warzone Caldera is back online again!

In other news, a leak has revealed the upcoming Warzone 2 Resurgence map. Let’s hope it is just as fun as Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep!

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