Frustrated with Warzone 2, content creators are returning to the original game, Warzone 1, now known as Warzone: Caldera.

Many anticipated the release of Warzone 2, hoping it would be a better game than the first. However, it seems the player base believes this was not the case.

Content Creators Returning to Warzone 1

With many players feeling discontent with the current state of Warzone 2, those who livestream or make video content for the Battle Royale have started to play Warzone: Caldera once again.

The return to the Battle Royale released in early 2020 signals that Warzone 2 is not meeting the game’s expectations.

In the near future, the current Battle Royale game will receive a Warzone Ranked mode, a feature the community has long requested. However, it remains uncertain whether it will be enough to bring the player base back.

At the minute, it does not look good for Activision, with decreasing player numbers on Steam indicating that it’s not just content creators who have ventured away from the 150-man BR. This trend has been consistent over the past few months.

Some players migrating back to Warzone 1 include big names across the community. DrDisRespect is just one of the many that have booted back up the three-year-old Battle Royale game.

The two-time was joined by OpTic content creator Zlaner, who prefers the feel of the first game over the second.

Modern Warzone echoes the same sentiment believing the overall feel and smoothness of Warzone 1 trumps Warzone 2.

Meanwhile, Swagg has told Call of Duty that more players have switched back to Warzone: Caldera. If you are looking to switch back to Warzone 1, here is how you can play it.

On the other hand, Aydan, a prominent streamer known for his expertise in Call of Duty Warzone, has decided to distance himself entirely from the game.

This is due to the competitive player base shrinking because of the current issues they feel the game has.

Warzone 2 Players’ Biggest Frustrations With the Game

Warzone 2 players believe the game has many issues at the moment. These problems include the following:

  • No one shot sniper
  • Quick time-to-kill
  • Poor weapon balancing
  • AI soldiers on the map
  • Worse movement than Warzone 1
  • The overall smoothness of the gameplay
  • Overpriced loadout drops
  • Lack of buy stations
Warzone 2 Plating

With Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 just around the corner, it will be interesting to see if these issues are addressed. It seems the answer is currently no as we look at the early roadmap for the Season 3 update.

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