Infinity Ward recently released an update that fixed a few issues regarding the directional audio in Warzone 2, but many players still do not hear enemy footsteps.

One of the most important factors in any battle royale is the audio. The ability to hear enemies approaching you or doors opening is vital and can make all the difference in Warzone.

But recently, many players have found that the footsteps are so inconsistent that they’d rather not rely on them.

Warzone 2 Update Fails To Fix Footstep Audio Issues

An update on November 22 was meant to fix an issue with audio occlusion, and directional audio hasn’t properly addressed the issues players have been having with footstep audio.

This has left many players frustrated with the current situation of audio in general. Not being able to hear an opponent coming from behind you is one of the most frustrating ways to lose a match.

Warzone 2 Footsteps
The latest update failed to address footsteps audio.

In Warzone 2, where organizations host tournaments with $100K in prize money, this should be high on Infinity Ward’s list of things to fix.

Unfortunately, after the update, there is no mention of any audio fixes in the Warzone 2 Trello Board.

This isn’t a constant issue, but an issue that pops up at random. Players seem to think that it has to do with the number of sounds going on around them.

So if you trigger an air strike, this may override the sound of any footsteps or doors being opened around you.

It’s an issue that hopefully gets noticed soon, especially with how many players Warzone 2 has managed to accumulate in its first week.

Many players believe that this is one of the most important fixes that need to come to Warzone 2.

Although, for now, players will have to make do with the current situation until Infinity Ward takes notice once more.