Extracting in DMZ is one of the most critical aspects of this mode, and now players can have a safer way of doing so with the Personal Exfil.

Trying to extract with all the loot you have acquired throughout the match can be difficult as every player knows where the exfil locations are, meaning these areas could be very chaotic.

What Are Personal Exfils in DMZ?

In DMZ, Personal Exfil is an extraction that is exclusive to you and your team members. In other words, no one else can use this particular extraction point except for your squad.

Public Exfils are visible on the map for all to see, which leads to players setting up near these locations to try and easily kill you while you leave.

This new feature can prevent that as it gives the ability to remain undetected by others and can significantly increase the chances of successfully leaving with valuable loot.

With the introduction of the Scavenger & Secure backpacks, it is now possible to extract even more loot than before, making it even more crucial to maintain a low profile while doing so.

Rohan Oil in DMZ

How to Get a Personal Exfil in DMZ

To get a Personal Exfil, players must save up $50000 and head to the nearest Buy Station. Of course, this is a lot of money, but players can quickly earn this by:

  • Looting to find cash and items you can sell at the Buy Station
  • Completing contracts
  • Killing other players

Once you have the money, open the shop, and you will see the “Personal Exfil” location in the top row of the items. Purchase it, and an area will be displayed on your map in your surroundings.

The location of your personal escape will be right next to the Buy Station you bought it at. While this method is much safer, it does not guarantee players won’t start shooting at you before you exit the match.

However, it drastically reduces the chance of running into players who camp at the public extraction zones.

Personal Exfil in DMZ

One of the many items you may want to extract within DMZ is a key! The brand-new Skeleton Key can unlock almost any door on any map!

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