Every spawn location in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode has now been found and each spot has been ranked according to its safety.

Although spawning into DMZ is random, there are specific spots where you will begin each DMZ game. Community members have found every spot and ranked each one according to its safety from PvP.

There is even a spawn where you can kill enemy players as soon as you enter the map.

All DMZ Spawn Locations

There are 26 possible spawning locations in DMZ. Each one has a different level of safety from engaging in PvP:

  • Safe Spawns: 4 (Green)
  • Relatively Safe Spawns: 11 (Yellow)
  • Dangerous Spawns: 11 (Red)

While you can not choose your spawn point in DMZ, knowing how dangerous your spawn is and the surrounding spawn points can help you avoid an early death.

Or perhaps you wish to be aggressive and make your way over to a nearby spawn point in the hunt of enemy operators!

Every DMZ Spawn Location

This amazing breakdown of each spawn location in DMZ was created by Reddit user FluffyPlays22.

Here is what some of the DMZ spawn locations will look like:

Northwest of Quarry – B4

A Spawn location in DMZ near Quarry

East of Airport, Near Helipad – H6

Spawn location in DMZ by Airport

East of Quarry – C4

Spawn Location in DMZ by Quarry

South of Sarrif Bay – F8

Spawn Location in DMZ near Sarrif Bay

East of Al Sharim Pass – H6

DMZ spawn point near al sharim pass

North of Al-Mazrah City – F2

DMZ spawn location near Al Mazrah City

Worst Spawn in DMZ

There are 11 spawns that are dangerous, but there is one spawn in particular where you will be in danger instantly.

When you spawn in these two spawn locations marked on the map below, you will be able to see enemy players as soon as the game starts.

This makes it extremely easy to get early kills while at the same time increasing the chances you die early.

Worst DMZ Spawn Location

This video shows how soon you can be killed while spawning here in DMZ!

If you spawn in these locations, make sure you are fully aware of the other team. You can try and eliminate them first or run away to safety.

Knowing where every other DMZ squad spawns will help you complete your DMZ faction missions.

And if you are looking to head to one of the dead drop locations in DMZ, you can plan your route to avoid as many enemy players as possible.

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