Two new Backpacks, called Scavenger and Secure Backpacks, have been added to Warzone 2 DMZ in the Season 3 update.

These Backpacks help you transfer and secure more items and can even prevent you from losing important loot upon death. 

Keep reading to learn all about the Scavenger and Secure Backpacks in Warzone 2 DMZ and how to get them. 

What Are Scavenger & Secure Backpacks in Warzone 2 DMZ?

Here is what the Scavenger and Secure Backpacks do in the DMZ mode:

  • Scavenger – Replaces the third weapon slot in Medium and Heavy Backpacks with additional item slots for loot and cash. This allows you to carry more loot, making it perfect for completing tough missions.
  • Secure – This Backpack ensures that non-contraband and non-on-soldier items are not converted to XP upon exfiltrating. Additionally, any items in the Secure backpack are kept on that Active Duty Soldier if they die in an Extraction Zone. 

The Secure Backpack is designed to help players with Faction Missions that require locating rare items and ensure that crucial progress isn’t lost upon death. 

Similarly, the Scavenger Backpack is perfect for players looking to exfil with more loot. It gives players 11 item slots and one cash slot to fill.  

The secure and scavenger backpacks in Warzone 2 DMZ

How to Get Scavenger & Secure Backpacks in Warzone 2 DMZ

Secure and Scavenger Backpacks do not have specific spawn points in DMZ. Instead, you can find them in the following ways:

  • Purchase it from a Buy Station.
  • Craft them using the Barter System.
    • Secure Backpack Recipe: One electric drill, one gas can, and one gold skull.
    • Scavenger Backpack Recipe: One battery, one pack of canned foods, and two gun cleaning oils.
  • Find it in randomly generated spawn points across the map.
    • It typically spawns on top of tables and barrels. 
  • Find it in Weapon Crates across the map. 

There is a higher chance of finding either Backpack by attacking Strongholds, as they tend to hold higher-tier loot.

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