Warzone 2 DMZ players are becoming concerned about pay-to-win bundles potentially ruining the game.

An increasing amount of bundles from the COD Store include ‘bonus effects’ for DMZ, which can give an in-game advantage. However, some of these bonus effects are more powerful than others.

The new Soap: Going Dark bundle includes an interesting bonus that has sparked debate about what pay-to-win is in DMZ and whether some paid bundles are actually good for players.

Soap Going Dark Warzone 2 Bundle

Soap: Going Dark Bundle Adds Extra DMZ Operator Slot – Is it Pay to Win?

The latest Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 bundle to include a DMZ bonus is the Soap: Going Dark bundle. This 1800 COD Point bundle includes a bonus effect for DMZ that adds 1 more Active Duty Operator Slot.

An additional Operator Slot is handy, especially for hardcore players, but isn’t anywhere near as powerful as other bonuses.

For instance, the guaranteed Medium Backpack bundle that was released with the Season 3 update or the potentially game-breaking instant UAV bundle that could be coming to DMZ soon give a much greater competitive advantage.

Active Duty Slot DMZ Bundle

Many DMZ fans have actually praised the extra Operator Slot in the Soap bundle. A popular post on r/DMZ says the bundle isn’t pay to win as an additional slot doesn’t really give any advantages.

A lot of players argue that there are no in-game advantages to having an additional Active Operator in DMZ. It will not help you in any way once you load into a game, unlike the ‘bonus effects’, which can give you equipment.

Luckily, a guaranteed Medium Backpack is the best pay-to-win bonus effect players can get in DMZ so far. If future bundles include killstreaks, a Secure or Scavenger Backpack, or any of the new upgraded plate carriers, that would be a significant issue.

On the other hand, some players believe that this new Soap bundle is still pay-to-win, but just to a lesser extent than the DMZ bonuses. This is because it lets paying players get another Operator Slot, which free-to-play players will never be able to get.

This is similar to the outrage caused by the Crown Faction missions being locked behind a paywall.

Reagrdless of which side of the debate they fall on, there is one thing that most players agree on. There should be more free rewards, including additional Operator Slots, for DMZ players.

That way, purchasing bundles for DMZ would become pay-to-save-time, rather than pay-to-win.

As there are already plenty of free operator skins to earn in DMZ, adding free bonuses is certainly possible. Hopefully, we will see this come in a future update for the game.

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