Warzone 2 DMZ’s Koschei Complex is home to two difficult bosses – the Rhinoceros and the Sniper – and you’ll want to kill them for a couple of reasons.

Not only do you need to kill both the Rhinoceros and the Sniper for the Tier 4 Redacted Faction Mission Brothers in Arms, but defeating them both is also the only way to get the Weapon Case in Koschei Complex.

Of course, before you can defeat the bosses there, you’ll need to know how to get to Koschei Complex in Warzone 2 DMZ!

Where to Find the Rhinoceros and the Sniper in DMZ Koschei Complex

Both the Rhinoceros and the Sniper are located in Koschei Complex’s Factory Wing.

The Rhinoceros is on the bottom floor in the middle of the large central room. Meanwhile, the Sniper is upstairs, behind a locked door that only opens once you have killed the Rhinoceros.

Find out how to get to the Factory Wing in Koschei Complex so you can take on both of these bosses.

Koschei Complex Chemical Plant

How to Kill The Rhinoceros in DMZ

To kill the Rhinoceros boss in Koschei Complex, you must first work your way through the Factory Wing area until you get to a large central room.

The Rhinoceros has loads of health and a Riot Shield on its back, so the fastest way to kill him is by using the KV Broadside shotgun.

  • Work your way through the Factory Wing until you get to the large central room.
  • If you are out of ammo, make sure to use a Munitions Box once you get here.
  • Find the Rhinoceros in the middle of the room.
    • You can tell where he is as there is a bright green laser coming from his gun.
Warzone 2 DMZ The Rhinoceros Location
The large room in the Factory Wing where you can find the Rhinoceros. Credit: MrDalekJD
  • The best way to take down the Rhinoceros quickly is by having your whole squad rush him at once and use your close-range weapons.
    • The best gun to use against the Rhinoceros is the KV Broadside, but any SMG with a large magazine will also be very effective.
  • After you kill the Rhinoceros, he will drop a .50 GS and a note.
The Rhinoceros Warzone 2 Koschei Complex Boss
The Rhinoceros. Credit: Westie
  • Additionally, killing the Rhinoceros will open a door in the north of Factory Wing, which will let you go upstairs to where the other boss, the Sniper, and the Weapon Case are.
    • You can tell which door this is because it has a green light above it. The light will be red before it opens.

How to Kill The Sniper in DMZ

To kill the Sniper in DMZ, you must head to the upstairs section of the Factory Wing in Koschei Complex.

Then, you must avoid and defuse traps while following the Sniper as he retreats. Keep dealing as much damage to him as you can, and you’ll eventually kill him.

  • After killing the Rhinoceros, head up the stairs through the previously locked door with the green light above it in the north of Factory Wing.
Warzone 2 DMZ Koschei Complex The Sniper Door
The door that leads to the SNiper. Credit: MrDalekJD
  • Defuse the grenade trap at the top of the stairs and look right. You should be able to see the Sniper.
  • Pursue the Sniper while avoiding traps and try to get as close to him as possible.
    • There will be trip wire traps that require defusing, as well as bright green laser traps, which you will need to crawl under.
Warzone 2 DMZ The Sniper Tripwire Traps
One of the many tripwire traps where the Sniper is. Credit: MrDalekJD
  • Deal as much damage to the Sniper as you can and kill the other armored enemies on the way.
  • He can absorb a lot of damage, but eventually, you’ll manage to take him down.
    • High-damage weapons like the KV Broadside are very useful against the Sniper if you can manage to get up close.
The Sniper Warzone 2 DMZ Koschei Complex
  • After you kill the Sniper, he will drop a Victus XMR and the Secure Room Key.
    • You can use the Secure Room Key to get the Weapon Case in Koschei Complex.

Check out MrDalekJD’s Koschei Complex video if you need some more help with the Rhinoceros and the Sniper in DMZ!

Now that you’ve defeated the Rhinoceros and the Sniper, find out how to kill the other bosses in DMZ:

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