The new Koschei Complex area in Warzone 2 DMZ has added another Weapon Case to get, but it’s the most challenging one yet!

Not only will you have to defeat two bosses, the Rhinoceros and the Sniper, to get it, but you’ll also need to find a couple of specific keys too!

However, before you can even think about getting the Weapon Case, you’ll need to know how to get to Koschei Complex in Warzone 2 DMZ. This new area is well-hidden, so you might need some help finding it!

How to Get the Koschei Complex Weapon Case in DMZ

The Koschei Complex Weapons Case is located behind a locked door on the top floor of the Factory Wing Area, which needs the Secure Room Key to open.

After you kill the Sniper, he drops the Secure Room Key, which you can use to open the locked door to get to the Weapon Case.

  • Get into the Koschei Complex Factory Wing.
    • To do this, you must get the Factory Admin Key and go down the stairs in the Factory Admin area.
  • Next, head further into the Factory Wing and kill the Rhinoceros boss.
The Rhinoceros Warzone 2 Koschei Complex Boss
The Rhinoceros boss. Credit: Westie
  • Killing the Rhinoceros will open a door on the north side of the room which will lead you upstairs to the Sniper boss.
  • Avoid the tripwires and laser traps and kill the Sniper.
  • After killing the Sniper, pick up the Secure Room Key he drops.
    • This key opens the locked door to the room where the Weapon Case is.

Check out our guide on how to kill the Rhinoceros and the Sniper in DMZ for more information!

The Sniper Warzone 2 DMZ Koschei Complex
The Sniper boss. Credit: MrDalekJD

Koschei Complex Weapon Case Location

The Weapon Case in Koschei Complex is on the same floor as the Sniper, on a table in a locked room.

This room can be unlocked with the Secure Room Key that the Sniper drops and will be marked once you pick up the key. You will find the Weapon Case on a table in the southwest corner.

  • After killing the Sniper, pick up the Secrure Room Key to mark the location of the Secure Room.
  • Head to the room and use the Secure Room Key to unlock the door.
Koschei Complex Weapon Case Locked Door
The locked door to the room with the Weapon Case. Credit: MrDalekJD
  • Head inside, and you should see the Weapons Case on a table in the southwest corner, alongside plenty of orange loot boxes.
  • Pick up the Weapon Case.
    • This will alert the other players to your location.
DMZ Koschei Complex Weapon Case
Koschei Complex Weapon Case. Credit: MrDalekJD
  • After you have secured the Weapon Case, head to one of the exfil points marked on the screen to safely extract in the evacuation elevator!
    • The exfil points are marked with a blue stick figure icon running through a door.

Now that you know how to get the Weapon Case in Koschei Complex, find out how to get the Weapon Case from the other small DMZ maps:

Koschei Complex Weapon Case Rewards

You can earn six rewards from extracting the Weapon Case from Koschei Complex. To get them all, you must extract the Weapon Case six times. The rewards are:

  • The Queen Loading Screen – Extract 1 Weapon Case
  • Double Battle Pass XP Token – Extract 2 Weapon Cases
  • Hunting Bug Calling Card – Extract 3 Weapon Cases
  • Incubating Emblem – Extract 4 Weapon Cases
  • Double Weapon XP Token – Extract 5 Weapon Cases
  • LA-VX 330 Blueprint for the LA-B 330 – Extract 6 Weapon Cases

While these rewards might not be the best, there are plenty of free operator skins to earn in DMZ!

Koschei Complex Weapon Case Rewards

For more information on how to get the weapon case and all of the rewards, check our MrDalekJD’s video on Koschei Complex in DMZ!

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