Killing bosses in Warzone 2 DMZ is always challenging, but taking down the Scavenger is difficult in a whole new way.

While eliminating a Juggernaut will take plenty of bullets (or ideally some rockets), or defeating the Chemist will need some Radiation Blockers or Gas Masks, the Scavenger is a completely different challenge.

This is because he is extremely hard to track down. Although, once you know how to locate him, killing the Scavenger should be pretty easy!

What Is the Scavenger in Warzone 2 DMZ?

The Scavenger is an AI boss in DMZ that was added in the Warzone 2 Season 3 update. You must kill this boss to finish the Tier 1 Redacted faction mission Calling Card.

It behaves very differently to other bosses as it roams around the map collecting loot from enemy players who have already died and replacing their Dog Tags with Calling Cards.

This makes the Scavenger particularly hard to track down if you don’t know what you’re doing.

DMZ Calling Card Mission

Warzone 2 DMZ Scavenger Location

The Scavenger can be found in either Al Mazrah or Ashika Island, but does not have a fixed location. Instead, he roams around the map looking for the bodies of other players to take their loot.

Like other DMZ bosses, when you are close to him, you will get a message saying ‘Scavenger Nearby’. Additionally, his exact location will be marked by an icon of a skull wearing a bandana, which can be pinged on your map.

The Scavenger will not appear in DMZ until enemy players have died.

Before you take on the Scavenger, make sure you’re well-equipped. The new armor plate vests in DMZ could be a lifesaver when taking him on!

Warzone 2 DMZ Red Circle Scavenger Location

Easiest Way to Find the Scavenger in Warzone 2 DMZ

The easiest way to find the Scavenger in Warzone 2 DMZ is by playing a match on Ashika Island and trying to kill enemy operators straight away. This will cause him to spawn, and you’ll know his location.

  • Start a DMZ match on Ashika Island
  • Locate and kill enemy players
    • All of the spawn locations on this map are around the edge of the island, so run around the edge quickly to find another squad
  • After killing enemies, head around 100m away from the area where their bodies are
  • Wait a few minutes for the Scavenger to spawn
    • If you aren’t too far away, then you’ll get a notification when the Scavenger is nearby
    • Also, keep an eye on the mini-map for the faint red circle showing that the Scavenger has looted bodies
  • Once the Scavenger’s location is revealed, head over to him and kill him.
    • Deal with his armored bodyguards first, as the Scavenger himself is quite passive
    • The Scavenger has a lot of armor, so headshots are the best way to take him down quickly

Another way of tracking down the Scavenger on Ashika Island, which doesn’t involve killing enemy players, is by completing a Secure Intel Contract.

In Ashika Island, there are only three bosses, meaning that finishing a Secure Intel on this map has a 1 in 3 chance of revealing in Scavenger’s location. If not, then it will tell you the location of the Bombmaker boss or the Helicopter Commander.

Warzone 2 Resurgence map Ashika Island

What Does the Scavenger Look Like?

The Scavenger wears a black ghillie suit, making him quite hard to spot. However, this distinct outfit also makes him easy to distinguish from other nearby enemies.

Around the Scavenger, there will always be a few heavily armored Shadow Company soldiers, including a couple with Riot Shields.

The Scavenger Warzone 2 DMZ

Loot For Killing the Scavenger

When you kill the Scavenger in Warzone 2 DMZ, he will drop the following loot on the ground:

  • Golden Skull
  • Advanced UAV
  • Scavenger Backpack
  • A weapon that the Scavenger has picked up from another player’s body
  • A dead player’s Dog Tag

The Scavenger Backpack is one of the brand-new DMZ Backpacks. This particular one can carry more items than any other in the game!

Meanwhile, the Golden Skull is a very useful item as it can be used in loads of essential DMZ bartering recipes.

DMZ Scavenger Loot

How to Find Scavenger Calling Cards in DMZ

To find a Scavenger Calling Card, you must pay attention to the mini-map and the in-game announcements.

When you are near a dead body that the Scavenger has looted, you will be able to see a faint red circle on the mini-map and will get an audio announcement about missing operators nearby.

Then, you can search within the circle to find the backpacks of dead players, and there will be a Scavenger Calling Card where their Dog Tag usually is.

You must pick up three of these and extract with them for the Calling Card mission in Tier 1 of the Redacted faction.

If you need to leave Al Mazrah or Ashika Island safely, after killing the Scavenger and collecting three Calling Cards, there are a couple of new ways to do it. You can use a Private Exfil or fuel up the heavy chopper and exfil that way!

Scavenger Calling Card Warzone 2 DMZ
Do not drop any Calling Cards you pick up. There is currently a bug where you cannot pick up Calling Cards that have been dropped on the floor
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