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Warzone 2 DMZ Heavy Chopper: Where to Find Fuel and How to Extract

Get to the Chopper!

Warzone 2 Season 3 has finally introduced the Heavy Chopper into DMZ, allowing players to privately exfil for free so long as they can find the fuel.

Here is a complete guide on how to extract using the Heavy Chopper and where to find the correct fuel to exfil with it.

How to Find the Heavy Chopper in DMZ

The Heavy Chopper typically spawns at Hafid Port, although some players have claimed it spawns on the airstrip in the Al Malik Airport. This Chopper will need to be refueled with special Heavy Chopper Fuel.

The easiest way to know where the Heavy Chopper has spawned in DMZ is to open your map and look for the Heavy Chopper icon (see the image below for reference.)

The map in DMZ showing the Port with the Heavy Chopper icon circled in red

How to Extract Using the Heavy Chopper in DMZ

To extract using the Heavy Chopper in DMZ, follow these instructions:

  • Locate the Heavy Chopper at Hafid Port.
  • Find its unique fuel.
  • Fill up the Chopper’s empty tank.
  • Fly it to the outer boundaries of the map.
  • Wait for the countdown timer to reach 0.
extracting with the Heavy Chopper in DMZ
Credit – Mr Fishy McFish

Once you get the Heavy Chopper, it must be manually flown out of the map. You can fly wherever you want when you’re in it, so we recommend using it to grab a weapon case before exfiltrating.

Players can also purchase a Private Exfil from Buy Stations for $50,000. This will spawn a Heavy Chopper in an inactive exfil zone that will exfiltrate you immediately.

Where to Find Heavy Chopper Fuel in Warzone 2 DMZ

Players can find Heavy Chopper fuel in the following locations:

  • In and around the Al Malik Airport POI.
    • The best place to look is around the Control Tower.
  • Occasionally on the cargo train that drives around the map.
a map of Al Mazrah with the Airport POI circled

Heavy Chopper Fuel is found in green cans that spawn randomly in Al Malik Airport in the DMZ mode. It is worth checking every building and garage around the Airport for it.

Alternatively, players can find Heavy Chopper Fuel next to the weapons case safe on the cargo train. You’ll find it at the back of the train, but it’ll be a heavily contested area, so make sure to come prepared.

You will only need one can of fuel to completely fill up the Heavy Chopper’s tank. So, don’t waste time gathering lots of fuel if you just need it for a short journey.

Heavy Chopper Fuel in DMZ
Credit – Mr Fishy McFish

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