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All Warzone 2 & DMZ Contracts Explained – Rewards & How to Complete Them

Obtaining a contract in Warzone 2 allows you to earn some valuable money and sometimes even useful items. To make the best of contracts, it’s essential to know exactly what they are.

Warzone 2 features the largest Call of Duty map to date, Al Mazrah. There are Strongholds protected by enemy AI and multiple vehicles to make your way around.

All Warzone 2 & DMZ Contracts & Rewards

Here are all 13 contracts that players can obtain in Warzone 2 and DMZ:

Only available in Battle Royale:

Only available in DMZ:

Available in Battle Royale & DMZ:

  • Secure Intel
    • Warzone 2 – $1,700 & View of next Circle Collapse
    • DMZ – $4,000

These are all the Warzone 2 contracts that you can obtain. Each offers different rewards; some can even help you level up quickly.

If you’re looking to complete a contract, then it’s recommended you use one of the heavily armored vehicles in Al Mazrah.

Warzone 2 DMZ Contract
Every green icon is a Warzone 2 and DMZ Phone Contract.

Since most of these contracts require you to visit different destinations on your map. It’s not recommended to do this on foot since you could get led outside of the circle.

How to Complete All Warzone 2 Contracts


  • Reward – $2,000
  • Map Icon – Crosshairs
  • Difficulty Level –
  • Time Limit – None

The Bounty Contract gives your squad a target and gives a countdown to find them and eliminate them.

This contract is not only useful for obtaining money, but players can use it to find the location of an enemy squad on their map.

Warzone 2 Bounty Contract


  • Reward – $4,000 & 3-Plate Armor Vest
  • Map Icon – Safe
  • Difficulty Level – Easy
  • Time Limit – 4:00

The Safecracker Contract is the best way to get loot in Warzone 2. It’s a contract where you’ll need to visit three safe locations, plant a C4 on them, and blow them up to obtain their loot.

It’s fairly easy, and it shouldn’t pose much of a problem at the beginning of a match. The explosion is loud, and it may alert enemies.

Thankfully, you’ll be prepared for a fight due to the supplies you get from these safes.

If you see a Safecracker Contract in one of these Warzone 2 landing spots, you’ll have great items and rotations available.

Warzone 2 Safecracker

Most Wanted

  • Reward – $6,000
  • Map Icon – Crown
  • Difficulty Level – High
  • Time Limit – 4:00

The Most Wanted Contract is usually used as a last-ditch effort to bring back your team or gain valuable resources and cash.

As soon as a player picks up a Most Wanted Contract, it pings them for the entire lobby. This means everyone in the match can see you if they look at their map.

This puts players in a very dangerous situation, but it is high risk and high reward.

Upon completion, it rewards you with $6,000 Cash, and it redeploys any teammates that are eliminated.

Most Wanted is currently not in Warzone 2 or DMZ due to an exploit many players were using.

Champion’s Contract

  • Reward – Nuke & Warzone Win
  • Map Icon – Nuke
  • Difficulty Level – Very High
  • Time Limit – None

This contract only shows up for players that have won 5 or more Warzone 2 matches in a row.

Obtaining the contract may seem difficult, but the actual requirements to complete the contract make it one of the most difficult challenges in Call of Duty history.

Although, it’s definitely worth the grind. Finishing this contract will Nuke your current lobby and reward your squad with a Champion’s Victory.

How to Complete All DMZ Contracts

Cargo Delivery

  • Reward – $10,000
  • Map Icon – Briefcase
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Time Limit – None

The Cargo Delivery Contract has players escort valuables inside an LTV. This is one of the most heavily fortified vehicles in Warzone 2.

Once you initiate the contract, you’ll be given the location of the LTV (light combat vehicle).

  • Head to your objective on your map and get inside the LTV.
  • Your map will flag a new objective once you are inside the vehicle. This is the drop-off point.
  • Drive towards the drop-off point but be careful since an Attack Chopper will show up and try to stop you from reaching the objective.
  • Once you reach the objective, you’ll need to wait a few seconds for the valuable cargo to be extracted.

After the cargo is extracted, you’ll get a notification informing you that you’ve completed the Cargo Delivery Objective.

Deliver Cargo DMZ

Ship Cargo

  • Reward – $10,000
  • Map Icon – Floating Briefcase
  • Difficulty Level – Moderately High
  • Time Limit – None

The Ship Cargo Contract has players escort valuable cargo from a ship to an HLZ. As soon as you pick up the contract, you’ll need to make your way to the location marked on the map.

  1. Once you reach the objective made on the map, you’ll have to take control of an Armored Boat.
  2. When you take control of it, a new location appears on your map.
  3. Your objective is to reach this objective and deliver the cargo with the boat intact.
    • The best thing to do is to head straight for the objective.
    • During this contract, a Heavy Chopper will appear and rain bullets down. As long as you focus on the objective, this is not enough to disable your boat.
    • Stay away from the shores and navigate quickly in the water.
  4. Once you reach the objective, a crane will come down from a helicopter.
  5. Navigate the boat under the crane, which will automatically extend to grab the cargo.

This will complete the Ship Cargo Contract.

Delivery Ship Cargo DMZ

Destroy Supplies

  • Reward – $7,500 & Nearby safe locations
  • Map Icon – Bomb
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Time Limit – None

The Destroy Supplies Contract marks two locations on your map that you’ll need to breach and destroy.

  • Once you accept the contract, it will mark two objectives on your map.
  • Make your way to the first objective on the map. Clear out any enemies and approach the supplies.
  • Interact with the prompt to plant explosives on the supplies.
  • Make your way to the second objective and repeat the same steps.
  • Although, when you plant the second explosive, it will trigger waves of enemies to appear.
  • You’ll need to defend the supplies until the explosive is set off.

After completing the Destroy Supplies Contract, your map becomes highlighted with any safe locations that are nearby. This is great for obtaining some powerful loot without needing to push a Stronghold.

Supplies Contract

Eliminate HVT

  • Reward – $5,000
  • Map Icon – Crosshairs
  • Difficulty Level – High
  • Time Limit – None

The Eliminate HVT (high-value target) Contract is one of the most straightforward in Warzone 2. When the contract is picked up, it’ll ping a target on your map.

Make your way to the objective on your map and eliminate the target. When you do this, the contract is completed.

Although there are plenty of enemies guarding the HVT, it’s a great idea to bring plenty of firepower. To make quick work of them, you might want to buy one of your primary weapons from the new Buy Stations.

Eliminate HVT DMZ

Hunt Squad

  • Reward – $3,500
  • Map Icon – Skull
  • Difficulty Level – High
  • Time Limit – None

This is similar to the Eliminate HVT and Bounty Contract because it targets one squad in your lobby that you need to eliminate.

The whole squad must be eliminated for you to obtain your rewards. Due to how difficult this could be and the low amount of rewards, it’s best to use this as your own personal UAV.

It’ll highlight their location, but they’ll also be given a danger meter that grows from 1 bar to 3 bars the closer you get.

Hunt Squad DMZ

Raid Weapon Stash

  • Reward – $5,000
  • Map Icon – Flag
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Time Limit – None

When you pick up the Raid Weapon Stash Contract, it will mark a location on the map that you will need to break into.

  • This contract gives you an exact location, so open up your map to see where it is. The objective is marked by a green ping.
  • You’ll see a prompt to open the door when you reach the building marked on your map.
  • This part of the objective is similar to raiding a Stronghold. There are enemies inside that you’ll need to clear out.
  • Inside the building is a large safe you need to interact with. Once you find it, you’ll see a prompt to open it.
  • Once you decide to open the safe, a progress bar will appear on your screen. You’ll need to defend the safe until that progress bar is filled.

Once the progress bar fills up, the safe will open, and you’ll have successfully completed the contract. Don’t forget to pick up the loot that drops from the safe!

Raid Weapon Stash DMZ

Rescue Hostage

  • Reward – $5,000
  • Map Icon – Handcuffs
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Time Limit – None

In Rescue Hostage, players must breach a building, rescue a hostage, and transport them to an evacuation zone. It’s a bit long in terms of contracts, and you need to fight quite a bit of armored AI.

  • Find a Contract Phone with the Handcuffs symbol. Active the contract.
  • The hostage will get marked on your map. Head to this location.
  • Breach the building and eliminate all of the enemies inside.
    • When you breach the building, a countdown begins to disarm a bomb placed on the hostage. The meter appears in the middle of your screen.
    • You’ll need to reach the hostage before this meter is fully depleted.
  • Once you’ve eliminated the enemies and rescued the hostage, the contract will mark a new location on your map.
  • Head to the objective marked on the map to finish the extraction of the hostage and complete the Rescue Hostage Contract.
Rescue Hostage DMZ

Secure Nuclear Materials

  • Reward – $3,500
  • Map Icon – Nuclear Symbol
  • Difficulty Level – Easy
  • Time Limit – None

During the Secure Nuclear Materials Contract, you’ll need a Geiger Counter to track radioactive signals and find two caches full of supplies.

  1. Once the contract is activated, head to the location marked on the map.
  2. This is the location of the Geiger Counter that you’ll be using for the contract.
  3. After obtaining the Geiger Counter, there will be a new green marker highlighting an area on your map.
  4. Head to this area, use the Geiger Counter (Press your tactical equipment button), and observe the radioactive levels.
    • When levels start rising, you are headed in the right direction.
  5. You’ll need to do steps 3 & 4 twice.

After finding the second cache, the Secure Radioactive Materials Contract will be completed.

Nuclear DMZ Contract

Secure Intel

  • Reward – $4,000 & View of next Circle Collapse
  • Map Icon – Document
  • Difficulty Level – Low
  • Time Limit – 6:00

As soon as you pick up the contract, it’ll let you know that you need to locate a laptop with intel. The laptop location is shown on your map with a green document surrounded by a circle.

It won’t give you the exact location, but as you get closer, the green circle will shrink.

  • Once you get close enough, it’ll display the exact location with a document ping.
  • You’ll be given the option to extract the Intel as soon as you reach the laptop.
  • After extracting the intel, you’ll need to make your way to a final location where you can upload it.
  • Once you reach this location, you’ll see a terminal that you can use to upload the data.
  • After you start the upload, the terminal will launch a flair into the sky, alerting others of your location.
  • Now, all you need to do is stick by the terminal for 10 seconds for it to finish uploading.

Once the upload is finished, you’ll receive your money, and you’ll be able to see the next Circle Collapse on your map highlighted.

Make sure your audio settings are the best around to hear any enemy footsteps that may be trying to flank you!

Secure Intel DMZ

Do Contracts Give You Weapon XP?

Yes, when you complete a contract in Warzone 2 and DMZ, you’ll also get Weapon XP for the weapon you currently have equipped.

This is why completing contracts is a great way to level up your weapon. Although, players have found other ways to level up multiple weapons in only a few hours.

What Contracts Give The Best Rewards?

The Warzone 2 and DMZ contracts with the best rewards are Secure Intel, Most Wanted, and Safecracker.

All of these contracts offer cash rewards, plenty of loot, and sometimes a bonus reward upon completion. The best early game contract is Safecracker. It gives players multiple weapons and a 3-Plate Armor Vest.

It’s great for players looking to push others early in the match to get more eliminations.

How Do Contracts Work in Warzone 2

To initiate a Contract in Warzone 2, players must find a Contract Phone on the map. They’re marked by Green Pings with different icons representing different contracts.

Once players find a Contract Phone, they must interact with it to start the contract.

Most contracts follow a similar structure:

  • Find Contract Phone.
  • Initiate Contract.
    • Your player will interact with the phone and transfer the contract to their map.
Warzone 2 Contract
This is a Contract Phone in-game. The button to interact with it is always visible.
  • The objective appears on your map.
  • Head to the objective marker.
  • Complete the objective and head to the new marker if necessary.
Warzone 2 DMZ
1. Current Contract 2. Current Objective Location

Although, a few contracts, like Most Wanted, won’t have an objective market. For Most Wanted, the objective is to survive, so there is no specific location to do this.

Can You Cancel a Contract in Warzone 2?

No, once you start a contract in Warzone 2, there is no way to cancel it. You’ll need to wait for the timer to run out or be eliminated and sent to the Gulag.

This is why it’s important to be ready when you do start a contract, especially one like Most Wanted, where every enemy player knows your location.

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