In Warzone 2, using the Buy Station is pivotal as it lets you acquire weapons and killstreaks. Now, the addition of deployable Buy Stations allows you to access the shop’s resources anywhere and anytime.

Making your way to Buy Stations can be dangerous as they can be a hotspot in-game. With this latest update, you no longer have to face this problem. You can bring the shop to you instead!

How to Get Deployable Buy Stations in Warzone 2

The best way to obtain a deployable Buy Station is by landing at high loot spots such as Al Mazrah City or Zaya Observatory, since this item is classified as a rare drop.

In addition, players can obtain a portable Buy Station by:

  • Finding it in ground loot.
  • Finding it in Supply Boxes.

The portable buy shops are not the only new item, as players can now find perk packages in ground loot.

What Are Deployable Buy Stations in Warzone 2?

Deployable Buy Stations are a field upgrade that let you place a Buy Station anywhere on the map. Enemy teams can access these shops, and any player in the game can use them.

These shops will have all the items traditional stations have, including loadout drops, weapons, kill streaks, and self-revives. They will permanently remain in-game unless the gas circle destroys it.

Simply throw the Buy Station marker on the floor, and one will drop from the sky where you threw it down.

Players can also shoot down the Deployable Buy Station while the delivery drone is in flight. If another team destroys the drone, the shop will land at the same coordinates where they shot it down.

Additionally, the game will notify all nearby players that a Deployable Buy Station has been deployed. It’s important to use the shop quickly once it’s available.

Deployable shops are displayed on the map as a shopping basket, whereas regular stations are shown as shopping trollies. You can view these icons in the image below:

Rectangle: Deployable Shop Icon / Circle: Regular Shop Icon

Accessing the Buy Station will be even more important in Warzone Ranked Play as having the best loadout can be the difference to winning!

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